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Copywriting for Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, announced on the Facebook blog this week the 'humbling and exciting' news that the popular social network had registered its 250 millionth user. That's a serious number of people, though you might be surprised to know that QQ in China boasts an estimated 300 million users. Facebook's Russian clone Vkontakte hosts 38 million users. Teen network site Habbo has a reported 117 million, Hi 5 80 million and Orkut 67 million mulberry sale, My Space about 250 million. Social networks are big business and big business LOVES Facebook and its clones back. When it comes to the business benefits of social media and social media marketing, some of the best-known case studies have revolved around the big corporations' adoptions of Facebook. Companies such as Coca Cola, Dell, Nutella, Starbucks, Adidas and Pringles have developed Fan pages commanding legions of supporters. Incorporating branded applications, Twitter feeds, videos, blog posts mulberry outlet uk, polls and other features these corporations have been able to use social media to offer a softer, more human face and consolidate already solid brand images and followings online by providing regular content that encourages discussion and engagement. The great thing about Facebook and social media success though, is that it isn't restricted to major corporations. In fact many of the tactics used by larger corporations are lo-fi, homespun user generated content and amateurish type graphics that create a 'street' authenticity to the campaign. Whilst international giants can throw the weight of their marketing departments and international marketing budgets at campaigns to remove some of their corporate sheen celine luggage tote, SMEs and smaller innovative, fleet footed companies can do it for real. In an era where genuine two-way conversation between customer and business is proving a strong competitive advantage hermes bags, a company that already enjoys a natural, more intimate relationship with its customer is ideally positioned to benefit from online social media marketing. An understanding of your customer base is an understanding of the semantic space they work in, the lexicon, the nature of the language and the sorts of messages they respond best to. This can even extend to an understanding of geography and local tastes when it comes to restaurants and food outlets mulberry bags outlet, for example. Armed with this sort of information a copywriter can prove an invaluable marketing team member. You only have to look at the sorts of SME Facebook Fan pages such as Innocent and Gourmet Magazine to gauge the different personalities of each company's page and how the copywriting presents a different tone and style for each organisation. Your social media marketing doesn't just happen - at least it shouldn't. For the best results business objectives need to be defined and a strategy calculated. While it's good to be flexible enough to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities, your social media presence is most effective if organised properly. After all, no plan of battle ever survives first contact with the enemy. It's important that tone and style are consistent and you talk in a language that your audience understands, from post to post, as well as across platforms. Using a professional copywriter as part of the social media marketing is an important consideration, even if it's simply for some strategic thinking or copywriting advice. Related Articles - copywriter, copywriting, seo copywriting, web copywriting, uk copywriting, Email this Article to a Friend!
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