After the first week of school

The first week of actual school is now over and it seems that many of my courses include some project work. Since I'm going for the double degree, I have to take all the fifth and sixth semester courses from the degree programme of Information Management and Corporate Communications. In total it is 60 ECTS, which is the same amount of studies that we're supposed to achieve during a school year in my own school back in Finland.

The courses during this semester are IT applications and business processes,  Corporate Communications II, Internal Corporate Communications, Communications Project (school magazine) and Media Design II (using of Adobe Flash at least). There is also a course on Multimedia Production and Management, but these classes were cancelled this week.

IT applications and business processes are divided into three different lesson blocks, which take care of different topics. One is about business processes, another one is about information systems and the last one is on ERP application systems, which are used by companies world wide. The teacher in business processes and information systems is from Australia and I really like her teaching style. I'm really looking forward for the next lessons by her! The ERP application systems includes a group presentation. The good thing is that I didn't need to look for a group, since two nice students decided ask me in.

Corporate communications II and Internal Corporate Communications are done in collaboration with each other. This can be seen in the fact that we have to write one academic paper about one topic, and the topic can be from either one of these two courses. The final exam is also combined from both of these courses. The difference with these courses is actually that the other one is about internal and the other one is about external corporate communications. These courses seem more difficult for me, since I don't have much background supporting me, so I think I will need to put a little extra effort in memorizing all the required information.

Communications Project is a huge project of hundred students, where we are supposed to create a hefty high quality school magazine, supposedly before christmas. I'm going to work as an editor, which means that I need to write an article and also work together with a designer to make the page layout work well with the article itself. I'm also going to apply for the chief editor position, so I can help out other international students with their own articles. All the German student editors will be writing in German. All the students have some dedicated job, which is required for the magazine to become real. This includes marketing, finding the right printing company and so on.

Media Design II I'm not fully sure about, but the first lesson was used to get to know a little about Adobe Flash. I'll tell more about this later when I have better picture of the whole course.


After the first week of school

Welcoming breakfast on the official school starting day