School excursions!

It has been a long time, since my last post, which I'm very sorry for. In my defense, there has been loads of different excursions and weekend trips and what not using up all of my energy. But now it is truly the time for me to concentrate on school work at hand and keeping up with this blog on the side.

For this post, I will start off by summarizing all the places I have managed to visit since last time, and in the upcoming posts, I'm going to tell a little more about those places individually.


Places I've been to (with links to Wikipedia):

Mainau island, Konstanz

Mainau is a beautiful garden island located in Lake Constance. It is part of the state of Baden-Württemberg, which is also the same state Ulm belongs to (read: not Neu-Ulm, which belongs to Bavaria).

Konstanz is a small university city nearby, also on the shore of Lake Constance and it is directly next to the borderline of Switzerland.


Cannstatter Volksfest in Stuttgart

Cannstatter Volksfest is exactly the same kind of celebration feast as Oktoberfest is. The difference is, that it is kept in Stuttgart, which is located in Baden-Württemberg. As I have told earlier, Oktoberfest originates from Munich, Bavaria, but apparently the feast is so popular, that rest of the Germany likes to celebrate it as well with different names in different regions.



Incredibly beautiful spring in the city of Blaubeuren, one hour away from Ulm. We managed to visit the place on a perfect day and got a lot of great pictures from the nature around here.



A place for skiing in the winter, but also a good place for hiking in the summer. Walking around in the area was a great idea, since the place has very nice mountain views and hill paths and the trees had great colours due to the time of year.


Dachau's concentration camp, City of Passau & Riegele Brewhouse in Augsburg


This was a weekend excursion arranged by the Ulm University of Applied Sciences. The trip was available for all students in the region and I decided to join in. Dachau's concentration camp was of course an eerie place to visit and it was a good experience to get to know a little about it.

The city of Passau is a small university city in Bavaria and it has a lot of history to hear about. Nevertheless it is mostly known for the big floods it has to manage with every now and then, which are caused by the three rivers Inn, Ilz and Danube that connect right next to the city.

At the end of this excursion, we visited the brewhouse of Riegele in Augsburg and tried some of their prize beers. A good ending for the trip.


Seoul - South Korea

Last week we went to Seoul with a group of about 20 students and 4 professors for one week. The excursion was well supported by our school, which made it possible for us students to afford it. A very big thank you to the Neu-Ulm University of Applied sciences for the opportunity!

The main program for us was to visit different companies in Seoul and learn more about them. As students, we had prepared presentations about our school and all the things related to our studies. The companies had also prepared presentations about South Korea and the companies themselves. The companies we visited were: Samsung, SAP, Siemens, Doosan Infracore, BASF and Bosch. Additionally we visited the Hanyang University of Seoul and the Korean Demilitarized Zone.



In the earlier post I didn't have enough information about two of my courses, but now I can fill in that info here.

In Media Design II we will be making a mobile application for a company, which will most likely concentrate on the company's products and services in its functionality.

In Multimedia Production and Management we are making group researches and write some 500-700 words each about the chosen topics. We also have guest speakers from nearby companies talking about different topics related to Multimedia production and management.