Summer semester 2014

Woah! Time passes way too fast in here... and I finally got myself to write again!

So, the summer semester started quite some time ago already and half of my courses are once again project work and half are exam oriented. The exams will be related to different types of management, such as intercultural, information and performance management.

As for projects, we are making different types of journalism for the 20th anniversary of our school, a webproject that is also related to the 20th anniversary and finally a seminar paper, which is basically the final exercise before writing the Bachelor's thesis.

The exams will be in two months (!!) so I will have to keep myself busy with the project work and exam reading, even though it's easy to get stuck in our dormitory bar. Especially now that I'm one of the bar tutors (read: barkeeper) there!


Here's something I grabbed last week from a shop. I'm happy to have found it.