Pfingstferien / Helluntailomat

Woo! Vacation time (project work time..) is here! Here in Hochschule Neu-Ulm the length of the so called Pentecost holidays are as long as two full weeks! This means I get to spend the Midsummer's day too with my girlfriend, which is nice.

Right now I'm concentrating on our Web Project's technical implementation, that is developing a quiz game as a mobile app. The plan is to publish this game on the school's 20th anniversary day with design being the most important part of it. Hope we'll make it in time! It has become really hot in here with close to 30 degrees celsius almost every day. Need to take enough breaks with refreshments to keep the motivation high right..?

After I'm done with the Web Project, I'll have to really start writing my Seminar paper. 15 pages content. Well, that's alright, but I need to do it early enough so I have enough time to read to the upcoming exams! Oh well. 


Made some sushi couple days ago. This is how it looks before rolling.

Finally managed to climb up the Ulm Minster's tower! The view was great.

My bathroom's ventilation has some uninvited guests... there are bird chicks making quite a bit of noise, which is not so nice.