School projects are all done now and it is time to start reading to upcoming exams then. I'll be having two exams next week about Intercultural Management and Strategic&Performance Management. The latter one will need more work from me due to numerous new definitions and strategies and theories to learn. Staying concentrated during lectures of this class was also pretty difficult, but fortunately some of my classmates shared their notes, so I will have more than one version of the materials to look at. Hope it helps.

Football. The "religion" of Germany. People are crazy about the world championships, especially now that the team has gone to semifinals. We'll be watching the match today in the dormitory bar from a big screen TV, like we have been doing since the start of the tournament. It has been fun to vouch for the team of Germany here, and I've really gotten a nice touch to the sports culture around.

Watching a football match of Germany at the dormitory bar.


Our school even had a football tournament of its own two weeks ago, and the team I joined got to third place out of six teams! As the prize, we got 20 euros cash, a bit of free beer and food, and on top of that a bronze medal. We ended up donating the money to a local medical organization and the medal will be a nice memory to keep for sure.

Bronze medal!

Our school also had an international fair recently, in which all available exchange students decorated their stalls with some materials that the school's international offices had. Some also made or bought some traditional foods for people to try out. My stall was definitely not out of materials, so decorating was quite easy!


Finland representing!

Props from our school.

Some of the other nationalities.

During my time here it has been really easy to survive with the language level I have. In almost any situation it is possible to use plain English here, although buying food in supermarkets goes by German. Sometimes I do feel that I should be using German more often, since learning to communicate with it has been one of my big priorities during my stay.

Most of the students that I spend time with here are business and communications students, which means that they also have priorities to learn better English so it's easy to keep using English with them. This is both very good and also a little bit bad for me, since I tend to stay in English rather than forcing myself to figure out my message in German.

Well, I have learned a lot still! People say that the type of German people talk in Bavaria is about the most different and difficult to understand, so if I can communicate with the people here, I know I can do it most places else.

As you can see, you can grill in any weather even in Germany!