Final travels before leaving

Exams are now long gone and next week I'll be able to check the results! As long as I pass all these courses, the degree from this school will be mine! I'm confident that everything went well, but now it's the time for me to go travelling together with my girlfriend. We have about three to four weeks before our departure back to Finland, and we're going to use this time to its fullest.

First we're doing a week-long road trip, which starts from Hamburg and continues through Berlin, Dresden and Prague all the way back to Neu-Ulm. The interesting part about our Hamburg trip is the timing actually. One thing the city is known for is its annual Pride festival and apparently we're going exactly the right time to see it ourselves. The city is also known for its so called Red-lights district, so I'm sure there's much to see in any case.

After one day stop for laundry back at Neu-Ulm, we'll be heading to Munich, where we catch a flight to Santiago de Chile! This flight has only one stop at Madrid, which we'll be able to visit for 5 hours or so. This trip will take about two weeks in total, which should be more than enough to see the capitol and most likely a bit of Argentina on the side as well. The reason we chose Chile was that we found a tip for incredibly cheap tickets (~252€ for one person both ways) in facebook and we were able to find those tickets from Munich (rather than Berlin, which was the original starting point). How cool is that?!

Anyway, the whole year has been an unforgettable experience for me in the best way possible, and I would recommend the Double Degree programme to anyone in our school with slight interest. I had great time with the people here, especially at the dormitory bar, and I was able to make a lot of great friends from all kinds of nationalities. There were bunch of school projects to attend to throughout the year, but thanks to such a great team it was more than doable. We were very happy of all the results we pulled off.



Here's some pictures from the beginning of the latest happening at our dormitory bar: "Sucking Pig Massacre vol. 5". Trust me, the place was full of people in the end and the two pigs were delicious.