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A week of Change

cbetts   28.05.2010, klo 12:43, by Chris Betts  

So from my last post I told you guys that I would let you know about my summer and studies and work training, so lets get that underway...

This week has been a very nice one, I have been speaking with friends about their experiences of Oulu, which gave me the idea to write a short article about culture shock, this will published at a later date in which I will place a link to it on here.

The weather has been great in Oulu, a sure sign of summer being here and of course you will see all around the city the famous ice cream kiosk (as seen in picture)

(Ice cream kiosk)

This summer amongst the mayhem of research, I have also been active playing football for a team here in Oulu, with the world cup coming closer and I being a football fan, I am very excited.  In the summer time here in Oulu its great to be outside enjoying the sun and maybe having a beer.

The work training has been thus far really good fun, I am finding out new stuff and getting to share my experiences and ideas. I think this is a very good chance for everyone to learn something new.

I am currently also working on images for the Facebook page that we have which will give out infomation of what I am upto and some events happening around Oulu that may interest you guys. So why not join at!/pages/Oulu-Finland/Oulu-University-of-Applied-Sciences/289166833605?ref=ts&ajaxpipe=1&__a=54

The beginning

cbetts   23.05.2010, klo 12:07, by Chris Betts  

As always with every journey there is a beginning, and here is the start of mine. I think that at first I shall tell you a little about my self.

My name is Chris Betts, I am 24 years old and I am from England. I have lived in Finland a little over 3 years now and still love it here. I moved here for one reason and that was a Finnish girl, but for unseen reasons we broke up, and I decided to stay and I did feel down and my life looked pretty glum for awhile but then my luck changed, I was accepted to start my studies at Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

This was a life changing and fresh start for me; I have many things to be thankful for at this school and not just for the education. I have made new friends, made a new start here in Oulu. I still remember my very first day, all the excitement and fear colliding like two atoms ready to explode, my nerves was on edge and did not know what to expect. But here they had a group of students know as international tutor students, who are the very first people you come to know and they are you source of information, I was very glad to meet them always happy and extremely helpful it is one of the reasons that I have become a international tutor student myself and another to start this blog to give out my first hand experiences as a student of Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

This blog is more than my practical training it is an insight to those who read it about life in Oulu as a student and furthermore an insight to what there is available for international students. The information is out there though at times not very clear or easy for international people to find, but it is available and I am here to share it with you.

So far I have done one year here at Oulu University of Applied Sciences and it has gone so fast, this is my first summer as a student here in Oulu and I would like to share this journey with you through my training and my summer.

I started my work practice training on the 17th of may and it will continue throughout the summer.  I hope you find my blog useful and if you have any direct questions I have many ways in which you can contact me and ask me directly.

End of entry one


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