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Q-stock (friday 30/07/10)

cbetts   01.08.2010, klo 11:59, by Chris Betts  

So Q-stock again was a huge success, with thousands upon thousands of fans turning up to see some of their favorite artists. The town center was filling up and crowds was amassing, those with or without tickets was not going to miss out on the biggest music event of the year. The day started off with a blast as the first act was Pariisin Kevät, this was the first time I have heard this band and they was fantastic, their genre is electronic pop and one band I reccomend that you should listen to.


(the empty gates before the crowds came in)


(the crowd start to arrive)



(the crowd getting in)
(Pariisin kevät take to the stage)

The next up on stage who I got pictures of was Eläkeläiset, Mokoma, Chisu, Irina and finally Sonata Artica. Here are some of the best pictures taken on the friday. Q-stock is perhaps the biggest music festival in Oulu and even Finland, it was a great experience for me and I meet also some photographers who was very keen to give me tips and help me out in the press area.

This is been a fantastic experience for me and I hope that looking at the pictures you can feel a little of the atomsphere I felt during this weekend.

Villa Victor

cbetts   28.07.2010, klo 17:36, by Chris Betts  

So just what is Villa Victor? well here is the answer :D Villa Victor is a place on the outskrits of the city centre and located on the very edge of Heinäpää. It is a international activity centre, where it is a very good source of information for international people living in Oulu.

I discovered Villa Victor whilst living here in Finland and their is so much information regarding general life in Oulu, just some examples are they have presentations about health care, Kela and other important topics that may be of vaule or interest to a international person living here, they also provide many translators at these as well so more often you will find a translator for you own language to understand fully.

It also provides a place to meet up with new internationals and a meeting place for those who want to just hang out, their are many information packs there too and in many languages.

to see opening times here is a link



Piknik Loppu

cbetts   19.07.2010, klo 12:36, by Chris Betts  

So the famous Rotuaari Piknik has now at a end, but not to worry because the massive Q-stock is incoming very soon, it was another packed square with many fans to see the wonderful music brought by some of the top artists in Finland, Friday was started by Jenni Vartiainen, and she was followed by 2008 Finnish idols runner up Anna Puu, and to close the evening was one of my favourite bands PMMP.


(Jenni Vartiainen)

The square was packed, with people of all ages the piknik was again hosted by my flatmate Tobias, this is his 3rd year at hosting the Piknik, it was light and fun night and the weather held out for the night, the performances was strong and fantastic it was a great event and was glad to be a part of it for the 2nd year running.


(Anna Puu)


I am very looking forward to next years one also, and maybe my flatmate Tobias will be hosting it again :D and as for the future the next music event which will be a monster is Q-stock, so look out for that upcoming in the blog. As for the work practice it is coming along nicely, I am playing on the idea of Oulu UAS should have its own podcast in the school of business, also working on updating our Wiki page.

I don't feel that the challenges have been to stressful in this work practice, nor do I feel that they haven't been challenging, I think the work I am doing has the right balance in challenge levels, and that is why I am enjoying very much.


Summer Heat

cbetts   05.07.2010, klo 16:47, by Chris Betts  

Wow, what amazing heat we have had this weekend, though I have to admit the heat did make it hard for me to get to sleep, but the weather is fantastic and the perfect time to head to the beach and catch the rays for a lovely tan, hang with friends and have a picnic.

Oulu is hotting up with the big events coming,  such as the Rotuaari piknik and the huge event Q-stock, Oulu in the summer has many events that include music, I think Finland as a whole during this summer period have lots of outdoor activities, music festivals and off to their summer cottages aswell.


The summer cotteages, or known as mökki here in Finland, are the finns summer or winter getaway, away from the city life into the wonderful nature of the countryside, where they can play games, have bonfires and cook makkara, and of course have a sauna and maybe a swim in a near by lake.

The most famous Finnish game that is played during in the summer time is called möllky, which consists of twelve numbered pieces of wood and one piece in which players take it in turns to throw at the other pieces to reach a certain score.


Upcoming Events

cbetts   30.06.2010, klo 10:51, by Chris Betts  

Once again some more events to look forward to lets have a look shall we :D

Chase the blues away with a little folk rock music at Ravintola Tervesoihtu, in the Oulu marketplace.  Wednesday, June 30th, Oulu Folk ry take the stage with Myyttikesti, a little Brazilian music from Daniel Marques & Ricardo Sá Reston, and country music, Finnish-style from Erkki ja Tähti.  Thursday, July 1st, Timo Nykyrin Ukulele Orchestra, Western Limited, and the folksy Kammarit showcase their stuff.  Sessions start at 21.00.

For something harder, Nuclear Night Club, Uusikatu 23, is hosting Hässäkkä-päivä, Thursday, July 1st, a punk and hardcore festival featuring Orange Pazuzu, Deadsunrise, Relativity, and Nikolaus Rungius.  Tickets are 7€ / 6€.

Liminka Music Camp begins their summer concert series this week, offering a range of events from children's playschool music, to more sophisticated chamber and symphony music.  Concerts are held at Liminka Culture Hall, Linnukkatie 5, unless otherwise indicated.  Tickets are 15€, 25€  for symphony concerts and finales.  Some events are free or come with a two-for-one offer.  Free childcare for children under 3 is available for concerts at Liminka Culture Center.

For those on a smaller budget, check out a performance by singer Henna-Mari Sivula at Oulu Cathedral, Thursday, July 1, 12.15; or singer Susanna Tuhkala with Hanna Kaikkonen on piano at Ylikiimingin Church, Thursday, July 1, 19.00.

Suven Sävel Music Festival returns this week, Friday and Saturday July 2-3, Kuusisaari, featuring top names in Finnish music, including pop sensation Anna Abreu, dancing, and karaoke competition finals.  A VIP pass to the venue includes a full course menu and special seating arrangements.  Tickets are 25€ for a one day pass, 40€, for a two day pass, and VIP tickets are 90€  and 160€ and can be booked by calling 045 110 6946

Enjoy a family day at the beach at Sunikari on Hailuoto island, Friday, July 2nd, 11.00-15.00.  The program includes beach games and competitions, including a sand castle building competition.  No registration necessary

While you're on Hailuoto, why not check out costume designer Pirjo Valinen's 'Theatre Costumes' exhibition at Kylätalo, Luovontie 231, Hailuoto, which runs until August 31st.  The exhibition opens at 10.00.

For the kids, there's a Treasure Island Mystery Adventure, July 3-11, which departs every hour 11.00-17.00, from the Oulu Marketplace beach.  Activities include face painting and a treasure hunt.  Admission is 7€.

In the world of art, Anna Pesonen's photographic exhibition 'Documents, in India,' pictures from India from 2000-2009, is on display at Oulu City Library, Kaarlenväylä 3, until July 30th.

Tietomaa, Oulu's science center and museum, is hosting an exhibition of knife designer and artist Esko Heikkinen's work until September 30th.  The exhibition includes about 80 pieces made of materials as various as walrus tusk and petrified dinosaur bone.  For ticket prices and times check out

So lots to do and see in the upcoming week once again information thanks to 65 degrees north.

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