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cbetts   28.10.2010, klo 14:59, by Chris Betts  

Welcome to Salla,

This small town called Salla Is located in the north east of Finland, very close to the Russian border, even though it is a small town it does hold alot of history. But before that, why was I there you may ask, simple answer my girlfriend, so with this in mind I hope to do this post justice.

During my stay at this town it had been snowing, my first taste of Finnish snow since my return to Finland, and it will not be my last that is for sure, it felt like being home and one of the best feelings in the world, it was also in Salla that I had made my choice to stay here in Finland, so the place holds a important place in my heart for more than one reason.

The people of Salla, of whom I meet, was very friendly and interested into getting to know me, very approachable people, the town has a very nice friendly looking surrounding with plenty of areas to visit for those interested in taking pictures or even for a bit of a history tour or of course you could visit the ski resort to take a relaxing weekend on the slopes.

So lets have a little bit of the history of Salla (Kuolajärvi intill 1936) Soviet troops invaded Finland at Salla during the Winter War but were stopped by the Finnish Army. Parts of the municipality were ceded to the Soviet Union after the war. The ceded part is sometimes called "Old Salla" or Vanha Salla. During the Continuation War the old town of Salla was on the Soviet side of the border. The German X X X VI Corps attacked the Soviet positions in an operation code-named Polarfuchs. With the help of the Finnish 6th Division it managed to occupy all of the ceded territories. At the end of the war the German troops were pushed out of Lapland by Finnish troops in the so called Lapland War.

The following villages were ceded to the Soviet Union: Korja (Korya), Kuolajärvi (Kuoloyarvi), Kurtti, Lampela, Sallansuu, Sovajärvi, Tuutijärvi and Vuorijärvi (Vuoriyarvi).

Salla is the terminus of a freight-only railway line from Kemijärvi. In 2006, the Finnish Rail Administration announced proposals to close the line. The line formerly extended beyond Salla into Russia. (information sourced wikipedia and Salla)

So welcome to Salla and enjoy your time there, discover the hidden treasures of this small and magical town. The beauty of Salla will always stay in my heart, and a memory to last me a lifetime.

Remember to contact me and please keep the comments coming thanks :)

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Comment from: brynjulv haga [Visitor]  
brynjulv haga

I know norwegian volounteers fought in this area both in the winter and continuation wars, halping save Finland. Is there someine with more information about this ?

11/01/13 @ 23:15