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cbetts   25.10.2010, klo 15:14, by Chris Betts  

Back home in Finland, the journey of flying with Ryanair is always a long one for my trip, it started on a Sunday evening for me, the flight is scheduled early on the Monday morning, so I took my start on Sunday evening at 9:20pm from my little town of Thetford to Stansted airport, so my flight was not scheduled intill 7:35am so I had some time to pass, walking around the airport watching people meeting with loved ones, drivers picking up their clients and people going to their holidays and such.

And then there was me, wandering in a sense of loss of what to do, so I went to the WHSmith store and found myself a book to read at the Cafe, I found a copy of Twilight Breaking dawn for a shocking four pounds Bargain, so I sat and ordered myself a nice bottle of red wine and began to read, this one bottle did turn into three, and time I must admit flew by, and the book really did help to pass the hours.

Then I was all set ready for home, Finland, flying at the front oh the joy of the leg room, it was heaven, I had a nice little sleep on the flight, and before I knew it, I was home, I arrived in Tampere on schedule and waited a further two hours, then boarded my train back to Oulu, I was meet by my girlfriend and we went home, It is good to be back.

Now on Thursday 21st of this month, something very exciting happened in school, it was a competition of innovation, this is the first time our school has held this event and I was the host, the competition was for the students studying the business programs, and they was given a project to give a face lift to the Nallikari beach and the Hietasaari area. The teams consisted of up to four people, and they came up with ideas to give this area a new fresh look.

The ideas was fantastic, new and exciting, it was a great pleasure to be the host of this project, at the end of the day, three teams was chosen to make it to the final selection to whom of which would win a prize to take there innovation project to be entered in a competition held in Tampere early in November. Once the final three teams was announced, the judges then deliberated further to whom the final team would be and take the wonderful prize, the winner was to be announced in Kaarle at the after party around the hour of midnight.

The day was a huge success, and everyone had a great day and brilliant success to show off the new and fresh ideas of upcoming entrepreneurs, I had a great day presenting the event and enjoyed very much the atmosphere of this exciting event. I will update further how the winners got on in Tampere at a further date.

At this current time I am In Salla, which I will give more details soon, with of course some pictures of the surrounding beauty that is held in this small town with big history.
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