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Interesting Britain

cbetts   06.10.2010, klo 16:33, by Chris Betts  

With the bout of recession in the UK, it is still very noticeable in the country, I have signed up with an agency who supply temporary work and even with that it is very hard to find anyone taking on workers, shop prices have slightly decreased but not enough in the manner that shows that the current recession as the current government claims is improving, I think not.

But back to Oulu tonight there will be a event for students held by OTRO to celebrate their 10th anniversary with a moulin rouge themed party held at Tivoli which is located at 35 Isokatu tickets are 3€ at the door, so if you want to join in the fun then come along.

As for me I will be returning to Finland and the wonderful Oulu later this month, my return will be for a short period, but I come because of a event held by the school and for personal reasons. Life in the UK since my life in Finland has changed, I see things in different views than before, I can notice things that I have never noticed before, such things as culture, the way things work, how life and the government don't match the peoples needs, how education is failing the youth of the society and many more things. This is due to living in another country, another environment, and away from the everyday norm that we proceed to live in our usual surroundings.

The UK may seem like a heaven or a first choice of tourists to visit, but that is the sad reality of my home country at this current time, the stability and way of life in UK is hard and no easy task at this current time and would seem it is the best place for a holiday not a place to live, but hopefully as time goes on things will improve, I will be keeping a close on eye on this a personal interest.

Nothing much else to report but will keep you updated, please don't forget you can contact me via email at and send in suggestions or any stories you would like to share on things discussed or your own personal experiences of moving abroad.


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