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Q-stock (friday 30/07/10)

cbetts   01.08.2010, klo 11:59, by Chris Betts  

So Q-stock again was a huge success, with thousands upon thousands of fans turning up to see some of their favorite artists. The town center was filling up and crowds was amassing, those with or without tickets was not going to miss out on the biggest music event of the year. The day started off with a blast as the first act was Pariisin Kevät, this was the first time I have heard this band and they was fantastic, their genre is electronic pop and one band I reccomend that you should listen to.


(the empty gates before the crowds came in)


(the crowd start to arrive)



(the crowd getting in)
(Pariisin kevät take to the stage)

The next up on stage who I got pictures of was Eläkeläiset, Mokoma, Chisu, Irina and finally Sonata Artica. Here are some of the best pictures taken on the friday. Q-stock is perhaps the biggest music festival in Oulu and even Finland, it was a great experience for me and I meet also some photographers who was very keen to give me tips and help me out in the press area.

This is been a fantastic experience for me and I hope that looking at the pictures you can feel a little of the atomsphere I felt during this weekend.

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