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Piknik Loppu

cbetts   19.07.2010, klo 12:36, by Chris Betts  

So the famous Rotuaari Piknik has now at a end, but not to worry because the massive Q-stock is incoming very soon, it was another packed square with many fans to see the wonderful music brought by some of the top artists in Finland, Friday was started by Jenni Vartiainen, and she was followed by 2008 Finnish idols runner up Anna Puu, and to close the evening was one of my favourite bands PMMP.


(Jenni Vartiainen)

The square was packed, with people of all ages the piknik was again hosted by my flatmate Tobias, this is his 3rd year at hosting the Piknik, it was light and fun night and the weather held out for the night, the performances was strong and fantastic it was a great event and was glad to be a part of it for the 2nd year running.


(Anna Puu)


I am very looking forward to next years one also, and maybe my flatmate Tobias will be hosting it again :D and as for the future the next music event which will be a monster is Q-stock, so look out for that upcoming in the blog. As for the work practice it is coming along nicely, I am playing on the idea of Oulu UAS should have its own podcast in the school of business, also working on updating our Wiki page.

I don't feel that the challenges have been to stressful in this work practice, nor do I feel that they haven't been challenging, I think the work I am doing has the right balance in challenge levels, and that is why I am enjoying very much.



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