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Another week

cbetts   18.06.2010, klo 14:30, by Chris Betts  

So what have I been upto, well my life has been overtaken with the world cup as I am from England footbal is a huge part of my life, I have even joined a team here in Oulu.

The world cup is being televised here in Finland so I am able to watch every game which is fantastic, there has been a few twists and turns in this world cup so far, due mainly to the fact no one likes the Jabulani Ball, many goalkeepers and players alike have said it is very diffucult to kick and handle.

But I still think it will bring a few more goals for us to see :) as for me I have played with the ball and can understand why people don't like it, so far me and my team have had a fantastic season we have played 5 games and won 4 and drawn 1 and we hope this continues.

Work training is really starting to kick off also, now many events are coming to Oulu so their will be more pictures and stories to be shared, If you are interested in seeing the upcoming events then this link is a great place to see information

So let be give a sneak peek at a few things coming from me, In extra i will put a couple of articles one about what we call the 51% rule, this is a article about how to avoid stereotyping and help lessen the culture shock, another will be a few key words that you will find useful in everyday life in Finland.

We have got Twitter up and running and don't forget to keep an eye on our facebook page for new info and even more stories.

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