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A graduation weekend

cbetts   07.06.2010, klo 12:53, by Chris Betts  

So this weekend I attended a graduation party here in Finland in which was for a student who graduated from High school/upper  secondary school (Lukio) In which the student receives their famous white hat which is seen at special occasions such as Vappu . Upper secondary school concludes with a nationally graded matriculation examination. The examination was originally the entrance examination to the University of Helsinki, and its high prestige survives to this day.

(High school graduation cap in finnish ylioppilaslakki(picture from Wikipedia))

The Finnish graduation cap is worn by people of all ages of who have graduated, but you will see a different type of cap which has a long tassel attached to the cap, this is the graduation cap from technical schools.

(this is the technical graduation cap in Finnish teekkarilakki(picture from wikipedia))

During this day the students will attend the final ceremony in which a program of certain events will happen such as in some cases a dance will be performed or music played or readings from students ect, before the students will receive their caps and their graduation papers, they will also receive words from their headmaster wishing them well for the future.

At the end of this people will then take pictures and it is traditional to give the student a rose for their graduation and the student will receive gifts such as money and items such as kitchen material or things you would receive when moving to a new home.

The people will come to the students home and gather where stories will be shared and well wishes for the student, there they share a glass of champagne and give their wishes to the student. You also have food and coffee and socialize with other people, as for me I was taking many pictures which are great for memories on such an occasion.

For me this was a learning experience of some traditional Finnish culture, as in England we don’t have such an occasion like this one, and it’s an experience that I really enjoyed and found interesting.


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It would be an honor to be there and also to recieve such a cap.

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