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cbetts   28.10.2010, klo 14:59, by Chris Betts  

Welcome to Salla,

This small town called Salla Is located in the north east of Finland, very close to the Russian border, even though it is a small town it does hold alot of history. But before that, why was I there you may ask, simple answer my girlfriend, so with this in mind I hope to do this post justice.

During my stay at this town it had been snowing, my first taste of Finnish snow since my return to Finland, and it will not be my last that is for sure, it felt like being home and one of the best feelings in the world, it was also in Salla that I had made my choice to stay here in Finland, so the place holds a important place in my heart for more than one reason.

The people of Salla, of whom I meet, was very friendly and interested into getting to know me, very approachable people, the town has a very nice friendly looking surrounding with plenty of areas to visit for those interested in taking pictures or even for a bit of a history tour or of course you could visit the ski resort to take a relaxing weekend on the slopes.

So lets have a little bit of the history of Salla (Kuolajärvi intill 1936) Soviet troops invaded Finland at Salla during the Winter War but were stopped by the Finnish Army. Parts of the municipality were ceded to the Soviet Union after the war. The ceded part is sometimes called "Old Salla" or Vanha Salla. During the Continuation War the old town of Salla was on the Soviet side of the border. The German X X X VI Corps attacked the Soviet positions in an operation code-named Polarfuchs. With the help of the Finnish 6th Division it managed to occupy all of the ceded territories. At the end of the war the German troops were pushed out of Lapland by Finnish troops in the so called Lapland War.

The following villages were ceded to the Soviet Union: Korja (Korya), Kuolajärvi (Kuoloyarvi), Kurtti, Lampela, Sallansuu, Sovajärvi, Tuutijärvi and Vuorijärvi (Vuoriyarvi).

Salla is the terminus of a freight-only railway line from Kemijärvi. In 2006, the Finnish Rail Administration announced proposals to close the line. The line formerly extended beyond Salla into Russia. (information sourced wikipedia and Salla)

So welcome to Salla and enjoy your time there, discover the hidden treasures of this small and magical town. The beauty of Salla will always stay in my heart, and a memory to last me a lifetime.

Remember to contact me and please keep the comments coming thanks :)


cbetts   25.10.2010, klo 15:14, by Chris Betts  

Back home in Finland, the journey of flying with Ryanair is always a long one for my trip, it started on a Sunday evening for me, the flight is scheduled early on the Monday morning, so I took my start on Sunday evening at 9:20pm from my little town of Thetford to Stansted airport, so my flight was not scheduled intill 7:35am so I had some time to pass, walking around the airport watching people meeting with loved ones, drivers picking up their clients and people going to their holidays and such.

And then there was me, wandering in a sense of loss of what to do, so I went to the WHSmith store and found myself a book to read at the Cafe, I found a copy of Twilight Breaking dawn for a shocking four pounds Bargain, so I sat and ordered myself a nice bottle of red wine and began to read, this one bottle did turn into three, and time I must admit flew by, and the book really did help to pass the hours.

Then I was all set ready for home, Finland, flying at the front oh the joy of the leg room, it was heaven, I had a nice little sleep on the flight, and before I knew it, I was home, I arrived in Tampere on schedule and waited a further two hours, then boarded my train back to Oulu, I was meet by my girlfriend and we went home, It is good to be back.

Now on Thursday 21st of this month, something very exciting happened in school, it was a competition of innovation, this is the first time our school has held this event and I was the host, the competition was for the students studying the business programs, and they was given a project to give a face lift to the Nallikari beach and the Hietasaari area. The teams consisted of up to four people, and they came up with ideas to give this area a new fresh look.

The ideas was fantastic, new and exciting, it was a great pleasure to be the host of this project, at the end of the day, three teams was chosen to make it to the final selection to whom of which would win a prize to take there innovation project to be entered in a competition held in Tampere early in November. Once the final three teams was announced, the judges then deliberated further to whom the final team would be and take the wonderful prize, the winner was to be announced in Kaarle at the after party around the hour of midnight.

The day was a huge success, and everyone had a great day and brilliant success to show off the new and fresh ideas of upcoming entrepreneurs, I had a great day presenting the event and enjoyed very much the atmosphere of this exciting event. I will update further how the winners got on in Tampere at a further date.

At this current time I am In Salla, which I will give more details soon, with of course some pictures of the surrounding beauty that is held in this small town with big history.
Please keep your comments coming and as always can contact me via my email at

Interesting Britain

cbetts   06.10.2010, klo 16:33, by Chris Betts  

With the bout of recession in the UK, it is still very noticeable in the country, I have signed up with an agency who supply temporary work and even with that it is very hard to find anyone taking on workers, shop prices have slightly decreased but not enough in the manner that shows that the current recession as the current government claims is improving, I think not.

But back to Oulu tonight there will be a event for students held by OTRO to celebrate their 10th anniversary with a moulin rouge themed party held at Tivoli which is located at 35 Isokatu tickets are 3‚ā¨ at the door, so if you want to join in the fun then come along.

As for me I will be returning to Finland and the wonderful Oulu later this month, my return will be for a short period, but I come because of a event held by the school and for personal reasons. Life in the UK since my life in Finland has changed, I see things in different views than before, I can notice things that I have never noticed before, such things as culture, the way things work, how life and the government don't match the peoples needs, how education is failing the youth of the society and many more things. This is due to living in another country, another environment, and away from the everyday norm that we proceed to live in our usual surroundings.

The UK may seem like a heaven or a first choice of tourists to visit, but that is the sad reality of my home country at this current time, the stability and way of life in UK is hard and no easy task at this current time and would seem it is the best place for a holiday not a place to live, but hopefully as time goes on things will improve, I will be keeping a close on eye on this a personal interest.

Nothing much else to report but will keep you updated, please don't forget you can contact me via email at and send in suggestions or any stories you would like to share on things discussed or your own personal experiences of moving abroad.


cbetts   26.09.2010, klo 17:44, by Chris Betts  

So another week has passed without me there in Finland, but the reports are good, the international tutors have informed me that the new students have settled in very well, I have also been told that the exchange students have taken a very keen interest in Oulu Kärpät ice hockey team. They plan to go on the 28th sept where the Kärpät will play at home against Jokerit which is a team from Helsinki.


So it promises to be an exciting and tough game for both sides, a great game to watch for the fans. Ice Hockey is in my opinion the number one sport in Finland. Every Finn as passionate about their team the same as every Brit with our football, so the atmosphere in the stadium will keep you warm with heat of passion shown by the fans.

Oulun Kärpät is an ice hockey team in SM-Liiga in Finland. They have won the championship five times, 1981,2004,2005,2007 and 2008. The Kärpät stadium (Oulun Energia Areena) is located in Raksila, it is right next to the school of business and information technology.


(Kärpät Logo from Wikipedia)

But as for me, I have been studying into a major company in England, they are called Tesco and they are the largest supermarket chain in the UK. I have also been working to earn some money, and sorting things here in England, before heading back on my journey back home to Finland.


Restart of school

cbetts   15.09.2010, klo 20:01, by Chris Betts  

So the school has restarted, and due to family emergency I have been away, and will continue to be awhile for a little while, but never fear because I will keep you upto date with my happenings.  So to kick off I will talk about my journey of the first few weeks of school as a international tutor.

School started well with only a few problems, which is always common with incoming students such as late flights ect, but we at Oulu UAS are well prepaired for such events happening. The new students seem to be very happy with the start of school and we as tutors have been very happy to guide them with their questions and any problems they may encounter during their studies.

The summer work was fantastic for me and I really enjoyed it, hence the reason I have choosen to continue writing this blog, I also have discovered a passion for Photography during my work. And I will continue and see what I can do with this new passion :D I will of course keep you updated.

Please email me with thoughts and suggestions of what I could write about or any information that you would like to find out, I will update as regular as possible.

Thanks to you guys my readers, and I will be back soon :D



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