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School? Coming up.

k1vimo00   08.01.2012, klo 20:40, kirjoittaja Moona Viinikainen  

Last holiday week

This holiday has been a really long one, which is good of course. I've had plenty of time to do things that I've wanted to do and even more. It feels like I've had enough time to do everything except school work. I did finish with a few assignments, but I still have one major one to do. Still have time to do that in the beginning of next week, fingers crossed.

I spent my last holiday week in Oulu, resting, shopping, making a puzzle (oh yes the puzzle flu didn't go anywhere, we had to buy another one with G, 1500-piece puzzle) and spending time with my friends and family. My parents and my sister also came to visit me this weekend and it was great fun.


It's hard to believe that it's already January 8th. Time flies, it's already 2012! January is usually the month when people try to 'recover' from the past year. Christmas time is so busy that in January people just want to relax and take it easier. That's what I'm planning on doing too, there's no need to hurry. At least not with most things.

New year is always time for new things too. At school we have a new period coming up, with two of the subjects that I'm really not good at, swedish and maths. But we also have some interesting ones this period, such as Computer Hardware and IT Field Today. So I bet this period will be anything but boring. We'll see.. Courses start tomorrow, but Monday's are a soft fall, lessons start only at 11.35 which is a huge relief after weekends. Other than school, I would also like to learn to cook something really good and special! Also one very useful skill would be being on time.

In January there's also a plenty of new series starting on TV. Poliisit, Idols, Voice of Finland, Nurse Jackie, Putous, just to name a few. So I really need to print, not only my school schedule, but my personal TV schedule too, haha. Well we'll see about that, but very good programmes coming up!

This January I'm also planning on doing one more thing. Keeping myself and my things in order. There's one thing that will be really helpful while trying to do this. And that is, ladies and gentleman, A CALENDAR. We were already told in the beginning of our studies that a calendar would be really useful to keep things in order, school stuff and personal. I already bought my calendar a while a go and finally can start using it now that it's 2012. Hope the bright colours will also give me some motivation in all kinds of things.

The other book in the picture is Tina Fey's Bossypants. I bought it just this week, because hey we all need a little humour in the midst of this dark and cold winter. And it's not even the coldest times yet, those are just a head of us. Hope I'll have time to read this book soonish, I haven't read any of my books in a long time, so it's about time! Maybe I'll have time in my calendar for this book. ;)

School again next week, hope you are all well-rested and ready for it! See you all!

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