Sleepless in Oulu
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Freezing cold winter

k1vimo00   05.02.2012, klo 21:16, kirjoittaja Moona Viinikainen  

Hello hello!

This week has gone by really fast, time just flies! And it feels like nothing gets done..

We have so many things at school right now, all kinds of assignments are piling up and I yet again don't know where to start! Hopefully everything will go smoothly with these. Maybe it would be best to just start doing them! I'm especially worried about programming assignment, but will have to see how that goes!

Finland's winter

Yeah, so probably you have all noticed how cold it has been the past few days, actually the whole week! I'm just wondering how cold it can really get! Plus the wind here in Oulu doesn't help one bit, since it only makes the weather feel even colder.

Hopefully next week (like they've said on the weather forecasts) it will get a bit warmer. It should, but you never know! I think they said it should be around -10 tomorrow, which would actually feel like a heatwave after all these terrible minus degrees that we've had!

My fingers and face have been frozen so many times this week, but gladly I've got a really good gloves right now, and I hope you all have been dressing warmly enough in this terrible weather! Well, don't worry too much, just try and survive this month and March should be much better.

Shopping & weekend

Last week I went shopping for new winter shoes, since it was too bloody cold and my toes were freezing too! How hard can it be to find decent shoes!? I looked around for some five hours and could only really find two pairs that were really good and warm enough.

It's winter aint it, shoes are supposed to be really warm, but I found too many shoes without a real lining! And of course, being a student you can't pay too much for shoes. But yes, finally I did find a good and warm pair of shoes, and that's that. Blisters all over my feet now too.. Bleh, sometimes it's hard to be a woman! :P

Also, Nokia's new phone Lumia 800 was released in Finland this week, so that was quite exciting! I'm really hoping that it will become popular. I'm finnish so I do need to root for Nokia! :) I didn't have the chance to buy the phone for myself yet, but hopefully I will some time soon, I really want that phone!

This weekend has been brilliant. On Friday we went out with G and Sonja, just to a local pub because it was too cold to just go to town, and we didn't really mind. We did sing some karaoke with Sonja and that was fun haha!

And then last night was our date night with G. We went to movies to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows! It was a good movie and I recommend it to everyone really. I thought it was maybe even slightly better than the first one, but that's just my opinion! And I really like Watson in the movies, so that might be the reason.

Also after that we ate at Amarillo. That's a really good place to go eat to! I hadn't been out there to eat before and the food was really good. Maybe a bit expensive for a student, but definitely if you have money and want to eat some tasty food, you should go to Amarillo. It's got a good feeling to it too and is very enjoyable.

Oh and today is Runeberg's Day (he was a finnish poet and a writer) and of course we had to buy some Runeberg's torte! They are always really good! Maybe even better if you make them yourselves, but just didn't have enough time today to make any. You can see them here.

Right now I'm just waiting for the election results, exciting times people! (oh and now we've got the results already! very exciting!)

New things again next week, let's see how things go! (as in a busy week coming with all the school work)

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