Sleepless in Oulu
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Fever fever!

k1vimo00   15.01.2012, klo 21:32, kirjoittaja Moona Viinikainen  


Well, this past week has been utterly pointless.

Monday I was still at school, we had two Swedish classes and it was good to finally see our other finn classmates after what seemed like a really long time. But after Monday I came down with a fever and really just missed the rest of the school week. Not cool, at all. Especially since we had already been away from school for holidays and I really wanted to mingle with our classmates again and was excited about some new courses.

Now it feels like I've missed a lot, hopefully I'll be able to catch up next week. Gladly I was also reminded that I should always email teachers if I knew I wouldn't be able to come to school (for example if being ill), and so I hopefully didn't get too many absences listed. Now I just really need to catch up during next week and it should be all fine. Still feels a bit stupid, but I'll get to see my classmates and everyone again next week, so it'll be ok!

Well, having a fever is really not something you'd enjoy much. I haven't been able to do much anything at all and my circadian rhytm also got really messed up. Slept pretty much during the days and was more awake during the nights. I didn't eat all too much either during this week. Fever just messes it all up! Too tired to really do anything. But well at least I had time to start reading the book I mentioned in my last post and so far it's been really good. It really cheered me up while I was bedridden.

Baking and other things

At one point I really felt like I had done nothing 'productive' all week, so I decided to bake! And boy did I bake. Made some really good carrot cake and also carrot bread rolls (porkkanasämpylä). Both turned out really well which of course made me happy. Been eating those now for a few days with some tea. Lots and lots of tea to be honest! It's one of the best drinks to drink when being ill.

I haven't been outside for a long time now either, but it seems really cold out there! I'm not too happy about that, but at least it's finally starting to feel like a real Finnish winter. Just try to keep yourselves warm so you won't end up catching the fever as well! :)

I've had so much time on my hands that I even started to think of birds! The tiny little ones that are desperate for food in the winter. I saw one on the balcony the other day and was thinking of starting to feed birds. I'm just not sure how that works in the city.. Are you allowed to leave birdfood on your balcony? Somehow I doubt it.. Hmm, think I need to do some research hehe.

Right now I'm just really looking forward to next week, already feeling better, so I know I'll be able to go back to school and finally start doing something not so pointless. And finally start socializing again, feels like I've been without my classmates for too long!

Hopefully also next week I'll be able to go swim with my classmate Sonja, we have had this 'tradition' since autumn that we go swimming every week, but now that has also been on hold with all this going on. I really hope I can do that again next week and also some other exercising as well.

Keep yourselves warm and drink lots of tea and hopefully you can all avoid getting ill this winter! :)

Back to school next week, and more on that later...

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