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Chinese food at flea markets during an election? (or 'lots of things to discuss')

k1vimo00   29.01.2012, klo 23:50, kirjoittaja Moona Viinikainen  

School and Chinese

Well I'm in a good mood! Hope you all are too. I've had a really interesting week this week, a lot has happened so let's get started.

School has been the usual, nothing new there really. We started doing some of the pairworks that we have to do for the end of this period, it would be nice to get those done sometime during next week and I think that is possible too. We started to do ours with Sonja on Wednesday and the work is already getting into a nice shape. It's always good to plan your work a bit first before starting to actually do it. That way you know what you are looking for, what the purpose of the work is and so forth...

We also had a 'fire alarm exercise' at our school this week. I think it all went pretty well, we could here the announcement very clearly and everyone got out pretty fast. I didn't see any problems with it and it's good to know that things would well work in case of something really happening at the school.

On Tuesday me and G were invited over to one of our classmates place to eat. She's a Chinese girl who actually works in Oulu at her uncle's Chinese restaurant. We always like to go there to eat and say hi to her, so she decided she would make us some food herself. My other classmate Nee, and another chinese friend from our school, Ryan, were also there. Yurong made us lots of different kind of chinese food, she had chicken, chicken nuggets, two different flavoured beef, dumplings.. Oh dear, I was really full after all the food we ate! And it was reeeeally good. I have to ask her to teach me some of her recepies.



Other than eating, it was just really nice to be with our chinese friends outside of school. We were just watching tv and the boys played some games. Just hanging around, which is always very nice.

Oh and by the way, I saw some really beautiful northern lights in Oulu one night! It's always so magical. I really can't remember when was the last time I'd seen them. Ever since I've been keeping my eyes on the sky, wishing I'll still see some more this winter. Unfortunately I haven't got any pictures, they seem to be very hard to catch on camera!


I had a three day weekend at my parent's. I left Oulu already on Thursday evening, since I hadn't been visiting my parents in a long time (not in a month, wow). It was really good to be home. Of course father warmed sauna for me right away. Living in a city makes you really miss sauna's. Of course you can take a sauna in here too, but somehow it's still different.

On Saturday me, my mom and my two aunts decided to take a little trip to one of the close-by municipalities to do some shopping. It was a really good trip and it was really good to see my two aunts too. And it's always nice when you don't have to worry about buying something, when your mom is paying! Hehe.

All the four of us also really enjoy going to flea markets. Some people think it's not cool, and that is somehow gross, buying old or used things. But actually, you can really find some treasures from flea markets. My mom collects old finnish glass and I collect 80's plastic toys, neither of which can be found from stores anymore. You can never know what awaits you in those places!

Oulu has got a few very decent flea markets too, for example Paljekirppis and Second Hand Store.

2 vs. 6

I know it's never good to discuss politics, but I just had to say something!

Another big thing in Finland right now is the presidental election. I'm sure you have all heard about this. Since you can't really avoid it. It's all over the news, radio, television, magazines.. Just everywhere.

I'm not usually very interested in politics but this election had already been a really interesting one. I've been trying to follow some of the 'Vaalitentti's and also both of the candidates opinions on things.

Of course something that's been really discussed by the media, and the people, is the fact that one of the candidates is gay. That is something that has both shocked and interested people. So in the final election there are two candidates up against each other, Green League's Haavisto ja National Coalition Party's Niinistö.

I know people who are voting for Haavisto, and I know people who are voting for Niinistö. I don't enjoy talking to people that are really pushing it when it comes to politics, but what I like, is discussing things productively. Not pushing your own opinions too much, but accepting other opinions too. I know people who think that everyone who is voting for Haavisto, is voting for him because he is gay, which I find really stupid, since it's not true. I also know people who can't vote for Haavisto for example for religious reasons, and I also know people that voted for Niinistö on the first round, then watched some of the Vaalitentti's and changed their mind for the second round.

Finland is changing, and I didn't even realize that since now. My opinions on certain things have stayed the same for about ten years, and there are people whose opinions have stayed the same even for longer than that. This election has really made people talk and I can tell that there's already been some conflicts in families, when politics are discussed. I'm glad that this is not the case in my family, my relatives and close ones.

My opinion is, that it's good that this election has made people talk. It would worry me if it hadn't. Finland is nowadays a much more accepting country when it comes to differences. We are all different and that shouldn't matter. I like the idea of accepting people as they are. And in a thing like this, an election, it shouldn't even matter.

Tolerance is the word of the day, no matter if it's racism or phobias or anything else. :)

How ever the election ends, we are gonna have a good and presentable president in Finland soon, so remember to vote and have a great week! :)

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