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Back to school, back to the basics

k1vimo00   22.01.2012, klo 22:11, kirjoittaja Moona Viinikainen  

Finally back at school

This week was a really good one, I was really happy to finally be back at school and be able to actually see people and just go out. What I learned this week was that we have a pretty good schedule (not one 8 o'clock morning for me!) and the subjects are not that bad. Not even swedish!

Computing Mathematics is ok, but I'm still a bit out. I wish I hadn't missed the few first lessons, because they were studying the basics and I feel like I don't get it. Anyhow, it's good that I can always go and discuss the difficult things with the teacher, if I have some problems getting in to it and if I still feel like that next week I think I'm gonna go talk to the teacher.

Pretty much all the teachers at our school are quite laid-back, easy to talk to and you get the feeling that they understand you. It's a good learning environment. It feels to me at least that they are all quite encouraging, which is really good.

Also this week I had to go and buy a calculator and I got a pretty good one for only 10 euros. I was a bit afraid that it would cost a lot to buy one, being a student isn't always so easy. For example right now I'm not sure how to survive the rest of this month with so little money! Well, basically that just means no partying and eating what I have in the apartment. We are students, we'll always figure out a way.

What is also really good is that the food at our school costs so little! Of course we always eat at our school's restaurant for lunch, but this week we had a few days that we just ate our dinner there too, because it's just so cheap. And that way you don't have to worry about cooking anything else for yourself later. The food there is really good too, plus you get salad and drinks etc.

This period is a shorter one than those we had in the autumn and we already have plenty of things to do for the courses. We have a few pair works coming up and we'll start working on those next week with Sonja. We are working on a presentation about E-books/E-readers.


On Wednesday we finally went swimming too and after that I just realised how much you actually need exercising, by the end of the day my muscles were really aching badly. But that's actually a good kind of pain, it let's you know that you've actually done something.

Other than swimming, I did go for a walk, on Tuesday and on Thursday. Tuesday wasn't a great day for walking tho, it was really freezing out there! By the time I got back home I was an icecube even though I had warm clothes on. But Thursday evening was really good for walking, no wind and not too cold outside. Now I think I just need to buy a nice outdoor jacket just for exercising.. Yeah, maybe next month when I have more money!

People shouldn't think about exercising as something that they MUST DO. That takes out all the fun of it. When you MUST DO something, you don't want to do it. Exercising should be something that you feel like doing every now and then. I hadn't done any exercising for a while and taking a walk really did feel good, I had forgotten about how much energy it really gives you and makes you feel good about yourself.

So no, I can totally forget about that New Year's resolution about starting to work out and exercise. I'm not gonna promise anything to myself, but what I'm gonna do instead is want to exercise. Because there's a huge difference. And I do want to start exercising again.

Next week I've been invited out to eat at my friend's place. This should be fun, I'll tell you all about it later!

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