Sleepless in Oulu

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School? Coming up.

k1vimo00   08.01.2012, klo 20:40, kirjoittaja Moona Viinikainen  

Last holiday week

This holiday has been a really long one, which is good of course. I've had plenty of time to do things that I've wanted to do and even more. It feels like I've had enough time to do everything except school work. I did finish with a few assignments, but I still have one major one to do. Still have time to do that in the beginning of next week, fingers crossed.

I spent my last holiday week in Oulu, resting, shopping, making a puzzle (oh yes the puzzle flu didn't go anywhere, we had to buy another one with G, 1500-piece puzzle) and spending time with my friends and family. My parents and my sister also came to visit me this weekend and it was great fun.


It's hard to believe that it's already January 8th. Time flies, it's already 2012! January is usually the month when people try to 'recover' from the past year. Christmas time is so busy that in January people just want to relax and take it easier. That's what I'm planning on doing too, there's no need to hurry. At least not with most things.

New year is always time for new things too. At school we have a new period coming up, with two of the subjects that I'm really not good at, swedish and maths. But we also have some interesting ones this period, such as Computer Hardware and IT Field Today. So I bet this period will be anything but boring. We'll see.. Courses start tomorrow, but Monday's are a soft fall, lessons start only at 11.35 which is a huge relief after weekends. Other than school, I would also like to learn to cook something really good and special! Also one very useful skill would be being on time.

In January there's also a plenty of new series starting on TV. Poliisit, Idols, Voice of Finland, Nurse Jackie, Putous, just to name a few. So I really need to print, not only my school schedule, but my personal TV schedule too, haha. Well we'll see about that, but very good programmes coming up!

This January I'm also planning on doing one more thing. Keeping myself and my things in order. There's one thing that will be really helpful while trying to do this. And that is, ladies and gentleman, A CALENDAR. We were already told in the beginning of our studies that a calendar would be really useful to keep things in order, school stuff and personal. I already bought my calendar a while a go and finally can start using it now that it's 2012. Hope the bright colours will also give me some motivation in all kinds of things.

The other book in the picture is Tina Fey's Bossypants. I bought it just this week, because hey we all need a little humour in the midst of this dark and cold winter. And it's not even the coldest times yet, those are just a head of us. Hope I'll have time to read this book soonish, I haven't read any of my books in a long time, so it's about time! Maybe I'll have time in my calendar for this book. ;)

School again next week, hope you are all well-rested and ready for it! See you all!

Christmas and home, New Year and Oulu

k1vimo00   01.01.2012, klo 17:36, by Moona Viinikainen  

My Christmas

Like I've said, I love Christmas! This Christmas was a really good one. I got to spend a few really good days with my family and friends. Our Christmas Eve was beautiful, we visited both of our grandparents, ate a lot of good food and of course, passed around presents.

Here’s some good ones that I got:

  • Wake Up Light (a alarm clock with a light that's supposed to wake you up)
  • Iittala's red Taika-dishes
  • A beautiful silver necklace
  • Finlayson bed sheets
  • A pink Toolbox!

I got some really nice gifts and was so thankful to everyone, but it was really nice to see also how people reacted to the gifts I'd given. My mom was really surprised with all the gifts she got, which was a lot! Guess she'd been good this year. But what's more, we have a little tradition over at my mom's parents that every Christmas we get a big puzzle, and we did get on this year too! A 4000 piece puzzle! We all enjoy doing puzzles and this one was especially nice, since you could actually fit 7 or 8 persons to do it at once. The biggest problem was the size; there wasn't table big enough for it. But my uncles, being the handy men they are, came up with their own table by using some plywood. And I can tell you, making puzzles can be really addicting… But we all had a really nice time making it, you could chat with everyone while doing it and have a laugh.

Sauna and more about games

Sometimes you also need a little break from the puzzle, only to go to sauna, of course. Some of my relatives were also brave enough to dip their selves in the ice cold water, avanto, but no way could I do it! Way too cold for me. It was enough for me to walk barefooted in the snow.

Since this is the ‘era’ where people mostly play computer games or on their consoles, I had different games to play this Christmas. The puzzle was one part of it, but then we also played a board game called Carcassonne with my uncles. This game is by far my favorite board game! From what I’ve heard it’s also a really popular one. I might have to ask Santa to bring me this game next year, thehee.

I know I talked about people only playing with consoles nowadays… So of course, I had to play something too. With one of the first consoles ever made, the 8-bit Nintendo, NES! Oh the nostalgia. This console always makes me feel like a child again, we played games like Super Mario Bros. 3, Adventures of Lolo and Darkwing Duck. I wish I had my own NES and all the good games. Too bad it’s so hard to find one that would actually work really well, and with the TV’s today… Oh well!

New Year

I came back to Oulu on Friday. My Christmas wasn’t really over before this, because I still had to exchange gifts with a special someone. So on Friday we had our own little Christmas.

Yesterday, New Year’s Eve we spend with my Oulu’s ‘family’, G, my classmates and friends and we had a blast. Saw some really nice fireworks and just spend nice time with everyone. Thanks to everyone who was there!

I made two New Year’s resolutions this year; to kick my bad habit for good and to exercise more, improve my well-being. What were your resolutions this year and do you think you'll be able to keep them? I sure hope I can keep mine!

Happy 2012 everyone! Hope it’s a great one for all of us!

It's christmas time!

k1vimo00   23.12.2011, klo 21:10, by Moona Viinikainen  

A few last days of school

My week started with two exams, but I was very glad we only had lessons Monday and Tuesday. The weekend before was quite busy with all the assignments and studying for exams, but also had time to meet up with some friends and have a little party.

But then on Monday we had exam on Introduction to Programming. Crossing fingers here and wishing it went well, but if not, I can always take the repeat exam. Introduction to Programming is to me one of the most important courses we are taking right now (it continues to next period too) and I really want to get it done with good grades, but we'll see!

Then on Tuesday we only had IT Business English exam, which according to our teacher was really easy one. But after the exam we were talking with some classmates and no one really thought it was all that easy.

Also on Tuesday we had rice porridge for lunch and it was really delicious! They had hidden some almonds in the porridge and one of my classmates was lucky enough to find two! Uhhuh. They were serving some glögi and gingerbread too so we just stayed in the canteen for a while. Our international students also enjoyed their glögi, couple of them have been drinking it at home too.

It was really nice to stay there for a bit talking with everyone, since I knew I wouldn't be seeing any of my classmates for a while. And basically after we had eaten everyone was wishing each other happy holidays and then left. Our Christmas holiday had started :)

Even though we are on holiday, I still have some assignments to do. They need to be ready for the end of the month, but I decided I won't worry about them before Christmas. I've still got a week after Christmas and that should be enough.

Christmas star in our window

Christmas is coming

Right now I am at my parents in Middle Finland, it wouldn't be a Christmas for me if I couldn't spend it with my family. And I know some of our international students are staying far away from their families for Christmas, so I'm just hoping they get to spend it with some of their friends, someone they care about.

Wednesday I spend doing some Christmas shopping with my sister and her boyfriend who came to visit me in Oulu for the first time. Got all the last gifts I needed to get. I am pretty much a Christmas person, I enjoy getting gifts, but I enjoy giving them even more. And I just love the feeling you get at Christmas, everything is white and peaceful. You get to spend time with the people you care about most. And also eat good food as much as you want! That's what Christmas is all about, to me at least.

Is it just me or do our neighbour's Christmas lights look like a scary smiley? Eep...

All that needs to be done for Christmas is also done and I can finally just rest and wait for tomorrow. The house is clean, Christmas decorations all over the place, gifts are packed and all the food should be ready for tomorrow.

Only one thing left to do! Decorating the Christmas tree! But that's not bad, more like one of my favorite parts of preparing for Christmas.

Tomorrow I know I'll be visiting both of my grandparent's places, taking a quiet and relaxing sauna, eating the Christmas Eve's dinner and much more. I just really hope we get to see Santa Claus again this year! What is Chrismas without a Santa? At least not as exciting as with Santa!

Next week I need to figure out where to spend New Year's Eve. My friends in Oulu hope I'd be there for New Years, so I might be back to Oulu for that, but not going to worry about that yet either. Still got time to decide, and I guess I gotta go with an instinct, do how I feel.

My sister's Christmas cat!

Right now I'm gonna go enjoy some glögi and finally decorate that Christmas tree! I wish you all the greatest of Christmas and hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. :)


ps. I know some of the Christmas songs can get a bit old when you hear them for the thousandth time, but I really enjoyed this one!

Merry Christmas! x

Starting off, fin(n)ishing off.

k1vimo00   14.12.2011, klo 18:32, by Moona Viinikainen  

Starting off this blog

Hellohello. Why are beginnings always so hard? This one definitely is! But I'll try my best and hopefully it will start to flow better after this.

Right, I'm a 21-year-old finn, female, currently living in Oulu to study. I'm originally from a small town in Middle Finland, but I quite enjoy living in Oulu (just wish it wouldn't be so windy!). I moved here about four months ago to study at Oulu University of Applied Sciences and I'm studying Business Information Technology.

So far so good, I've enjoyed staying here and our school is brilliant. I am a english-loving, never-on-time, nerdy-looking stargazer who was given a fine opportunity to tell you guys about my studies and student life. So hop on board and let's begin.

Starting off school

When us BIT's first started school (almost four months ago? Wow, time really flies ehh..) it was all so exciting. At least to me it was, but looking back now I must've seemed a little bit pathetic. I was like a child in this big new world. I didn't know anyone, didn't know the places and I had get used to speaking english again.

Our school seemed huge, it was just this labyrinth of hallways leading to doors that wouldn't open (it still sometimes feels like a labyrinth. Don't be fooled if you get called to the room A220, I'm still not sure if that classroom actually exists!).

Our first week at school was our orientation week, basically to get us to know each other and the school. And of course, Oulu. We have people in our class for example from Asia and Africa (and one person from Middle Finland who still is a bit lost in Oulu) who at that time had lived in Finland for a week or two and didn't know many places from Oulu. Our first week was quite nicely organized with only a few missunderstandings etc. And after that first week we weren't sooo lost anymore.

Last day of our orientation week we also got a nice chance to get to know each other a little better. This is when we made a little trip to Virpiniemi, where we had some activities with our own groups, we interviewed and presented each other, had a few playful competitions. Like this one game where we had to figure out what some english idioms mean. I'm not 'off the wagon', so how was I supposed to know what that means!?

We also had some free time to play Mölkky, football and just to hang out (this was the first time I ever played Mölkky and realised that despite it being such a simple game it's actually a really good one). Virpiniemi trip was all fun, thanks to the people who organized it and I hope you'll do something the like next year to the new students!
Thanks also to Minna Kamula who let me use the pictures she'd taken from Virpiniemi.

Back to this day

And here we are right now. Finishing off our second period of our first year. It's been a lot of fun actually. Our class starts to feel like 'our class' and not just a punch of people you go to school with. You can talk to everyone and really just hang-out with people outside the school too.

We've also been learning a bunch of new things, HTML, PHP, CSS, Java programming.. Oh, don't worry about all of those, they are actually quite 'simple' once you get to know the basics. And that's what we've been doing this autumn. We all finished our own websites (some were more advanced than others, but hey this is just our first year) and at least for me it was cool to see all the html-codes and css come 'alive'!

During our Digital Media classes we also had one quick lesson about image editing basics... Here's what I came up with during that lesson:

As I said, our second period is now drawing to a close and we've still got plenty of things to do! We just had an exam today and two more coming before Christmas holidays. Other than that we still got a few assignments and exercises to return before and during the holidays. It's gonna be a busy six days before the holidays. But I'm not worried, after those six days we all get to relax for a while and just enjoy Christmas! (Oh yes, those six days are gonna be busy indeed, I have just listed all the assignments I've got left and you need three hands to count them, so lots of work to do and I don't even know where to start..).

Think I'm going to start with some of those assignments right now and finish off with this first blog entry. Talk to you again next week, when I've hopefully finished most of those tasks! Wish me luck!

ps. Note to self (and other bikers out there); Watch out for the slush, it can be really treacherous! It's a lot worse than icy roads, you have no control over your bike what so ever, unless you are really careful. Safe biking! :)

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