OGL Retrospective 2015

We from Oulu Game LAB would like to thank everybody involved in our activities this year and show our gratitude for the dedication, support and open minded attitude showed by everybody in OAMK. It is an honour to be part of this amazing team.


We would like to use this opportunity to share a video we have made, showing the small victories of 2015. We assure you all that 2016 will be even more impressive.


Thank you all!

Oulu Game Lab invades Japan (Part 2)

Although Tokyo Game Show was very exciting and being in Tokyo was a great adventure, the best part of the trip started in the second week, when Blair Stevenson and Patty Toledo moved to Sendai to teach the OGL Lab Camp.

OGL Lab Camp was organized by OGL, BusinessOulu and Global Lab Sendai to introduce to students and teachers some basics about the Lab method for game development. It was a bold project: in three (long) days, the students would develop an idea until  basic design aspect, mimicking the first two steps of OGL. So the Japanese students had 3 days to create what the students at OGL have about 6 weeks to do. Bold, indeed!

Sendai is a beautiful city, in the Miyagi prefecture, with about 1 million people. It is small for Japanese standards, but huge for Finnish standards. Everything is extremely clean and organized, people are friendly, and it seems that innovation is in the mind of the key-players of the city. So it is a receipe for success.

The representatives of the city of Sendai, as well as the people responsible for Global Lab Sendai, gave us full support for the development of the project. There were also impressive representatives of local game companies, which added to the excitement of the students. It was all very professional and well organized and it made it easy for Blair and I (Patty) to take the students to the next level.

And talking about next level: the students, as expected, started their participation with shyness, specially because English was not their strong point. Of course, we had the best translators available to us and they made it all easy and fluent. Mind me say that the shyness did not last long. With us, together with the coaches, nurturing their creativity and assuring them there was no limits, the students flourished and began to explore all possibilities that games offer. They were able to astonish us with their creativity, technical capacity and eyes for details. I am very sure that, with continuous encouragement and support, the Japanese students will surpass all expectations, as they already did in this short event, and will  be able to create games that will conquer the world.

The students will have the opportunity to continue in 2016 and I and all team from OGL and OAMK, as well as BusinessOulu, are excited to see what they will create next. Takako Uchida, from BusinessOulu, is already helping us build the next step. Exciting!

As you can see, everything in out trip to Japan was very positive and we were treated as kings! The whole team worked very hard to create the best event, and were so friendly, polite and attentious to us, I will never forget them. We have friends in Japan. Thank you!

Besides them, I would like also to thank the teachers from the Universities in the Miyagi prefecture, specially the Human University, for not only allowing their students to attend, but for coming as well and having the interest in meeting us and discussing how to develop their interests further. You are an inspiration for us.

I am looking forward to expand our cooperation and build, together with the students, the best games ever. See you in 2016.


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Oulu Game Lab invades Japan (Part 1)

Welcome to Oulu Game Lab's brand new blog! For you that does not know what Oulu Game Lab is about, we are a multidisciplinary education, simulating business and development life, specialized in Game Business. In OGL, the students work as companies to develop a game from idea to finished product in a year time. 

We focus in giving our students the best of both worlds: best in game development education and business life. 

With this concept in mind, we take our students to several conferences and events, in order to meet professionals from all over the world and learn even more. In game business, network is everything. So OGL does its best to give the students the best opportunities of learning and networking.

We have been in several exciting places, but this year we surpassed all expectations: our students went to Japan!!

The representatives of 3 teams which are now in product phase (their games will be ready in end 2015), together with Patty Toledo (Project Manager & Lab Master) and Blair Stevenson (Lab Export) went to Tokyo, to take part of Tokyo Game Show. 

OGL, together with other Oulu companies, organized by BusinessOulu, and Global Lab Sendai, our game lab partner in Japan, had a booth in the event and the opportunity to showcase the students' games.

The first two days were focused in Business partners, so the teams met investors, publishers, other game developers and university representatives. The last two days were open to the public, so the focus was on getting feedback from the future audience and improve the games as much as possible.

A total of 350 thousand people attended the event and not only the public were mesmerized by the products offered by OGL and Oulu companies, but also investors and publishers. As a result, our teams are in negotiation with several key players and their future companies have a chance of starting their life with the so much needed financial support.

Additionally, several students declared interest in coming to Oulu to study at OGL. As an innovative educational system, nothing makes us happier than see that everybody that gets to know us either wants to be a participant of the system or wants to implement our system in their institution. For us, that means a job well done.

As a result of the first leg of the trip, Kaleva did a great report about the trip and OGL. Please feel free to read it at:


But that was not all. More to come in the next blog post.