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Miksi alkaa agrologiksi?

l2esem00 Kirjoittanut Emma   blogissa Alan agrologiksi
Julkaistu 17.2.2014, klo 16:05

Ai miksikö? Minäpä nyt listaan muutamia syitä minkä takia agrologiksi meidän joukkoomme pitää hakeutua.

1. Opiskelija bileet

Mikä sen hauskempaa kuin nollata pää (erittäin mielenkiintoisen) koulupäivän jälkeen (maailman siistempien) koulukavereiden kanssa. Lupaan että saat bilettää ihan riittävästi sillä tapahtumaa pukkaa joka tuutista.

2. Haalarit

 Ennen tänne tuloa ei vapulla ollut merkitystä. Nyt on. Haalarit. Kuinka siistiä on vappuna vetää tuunatut haalarit niskaan ja lähteä pihalle vetämään vappurallia! Ei enää ongelmaa mitä laittaa bileisiin päälle koska aina voit pukea haalarit. Saat tuunata haalareista omanlaisesi ja keräillä huippusiistejä haalarimerkkejä.

3. Talvikisat, syyskisat, nuijaturnaus

Koko valtakunnan agrologi-opiskelijat kokoontuvat milloin minnekkin mittelöimään milloin minkäkin lajin parissa! Koko viikonloppu railakasta meininkiä!

4. Opiskelu

Ihan jees.



Of the Importance of Time Management

osako Kirjoittanut osako   blogissa Haikuja kellarista - Oamkin opiskelijakunta OSAKOn blogi
Julkaistu 17.2.2014, klo 12:32

First of all, I’ll have to admit something. This blog entry was supposed to be posted on last Thursday. Instead, I started writing this late on a Sunday evening (also known as ‘the time to rest’). In my defence, if I and a couple of unexpected other factors wouldn’t’ve messed up my schedules last week, I would be writing about something totally different and not so important or remotely interesting.

Frankly, I did consider skipping my turn to blog. I thought if I couldn’t do it in time I probably shouldn’t do it at all, because doing something in a rush usually means it’s going to be - pardon my French - half-arsed. If there’s one thing I’ve promised myself that would happen this year, it’s that I’d try my very best not to ruin any good ideas or plans just because I left putting it into practice at the last minute. But as I walked to our office yesterday thinking about planning and rescheduling this week’s meetings and the use of working hours, I realized I could actually kill two birds with one stone if turned my train of thought into a blog text.

I am not too great with time management. I guess that’s quite a general problem, especially when you’re young and have five million things going on at the same time, such as school, hobbies, parties, friends, family, and otherwise excessive social life. Places to go and people to meet, you know. I used to be great at planning my life beforehand, but that was before I got sucked into the daily life of being a “student active”.

The first weeks of January were hectic, to say the least. Turn of the year is always challenging in OSAKO because that’s when the new board starts working and that means a lot of introduction of every aspect of our roles and jobs to the new board members. Unlike others in our board, I was a member of the board in 2013 also, so I had an interesting double role as I tried to re-learn everything I could, yet share as much as possible of what I’d learned before. On the side there was some extra work due the changes in OUAS, and some undone work from last year.

(Sidenote: read more of the new board in the newest Osakolainen, pg. 6-7)

Above all there was all of the things we’ll have to organize this year, which is a massive amount of everything. Most of our events need a lot time of planning and my promise to do it well doesn’t really help. I could bore you with details of everything we do, but I’ll just sum it up to save time and space: there’s a lot of places to go and people to meet when you’re working in the student union. Let’s just say there were many evenings I (and not only me) spent at the office. The whole beginning of the year remains as a blur in my memory.

I was still quite optimistic in late January that I could even the workload eventually. But as February came and my calendar got filled with too many happenings and meetings again, and everyone was complaining about how there isn’t enough time to do anything, decisions were waiting to be made. As I am the captain of one of the two ships of OSAKO, it is one of my responsibilities to make sure my team sails as smoothly as possible.

Somewhere along the road I had realized deadlines are not enough, you also need time to process - or in the case of this blog text, time to write. That time needs to be given, otherwise it’ll always happen “tomorrow”, whatever it is. I had to sit down and think. What’s priority, what can wait? I’ve found that it’s one of the most important skills you can have, the skill of focusing. That’s something we easily forget. We spend some time learning about learning methods at school, yet we forget to stop and check whether or not we’ve slipped into our old lazy ways regularly.

Even if my calendar looks messy looking back, there’s been some progress in my time management this year already. I should probably publicly thank our new event coordinator who unknowingly taught me how efficient tool Google Drive is. Also, I’ve learned how important it is that you communicate enough with your team, share the workload and plan everything together. Because nothing wastes time as much as doing the same thing twice.


Focus now because
there seems always to be time
to procrastinate


Pinja Laukkanen
Vice-Chair of the Board

PS. The next proof of our great planning is the Traditional Sledging Competition. You should definitely join in, just ask your friends to team up with you!

Like it says in my CV I am not above manual labour

tuomas Kirjoittanut Tuomas   blogissa Catching the Rainbow
Julkaistu 17.2.2014, klo 00:37

Sorry peeps for the unusually long silence on this blog. The reason for that is that I had my parents visiting me over and extended weekend. But the good side to that is that now I have a ton of pictures and stories to show so I will be posting them in the few weeks.

Today I want to share a fun operation we had at work this Wednesday called a Crap ton of Boxes: The fall of an Empire.


The lads getting ready to do some heavy liftin

So on Wednesday we had a truck load of products come and it was sort of an all hands on deck situation, or at least all men on deck. Apparently this happens every couple of months whenever we order a lot of our larger products.  And basically we had to unload them inside wherever we had space to spare. This was actually a lot of fun and a great change to the normal day of just sitting on a computer. The container you can see was filled from top to bottom. Apparently there where something around 800 boxes and it took our 9 man crew an hour to unload it. Go Team! After all that we got a small cash bonus ad a reward which is always a pleasure. But I think I’m supposed to keep quiet about it… so don’t tell yo mama.


All an all it was pretty weird day. During the unloading our Internet broke and we were without it almost the whole day. Thanks to this we all did different practical tasks. I was sent to the basement to help our dispatch to pack and label the boxes we just unloaded. This was a fun afternoon, the atmosphere is more relaxed down there with radio pounding rock and the lads fooling around. Sorry for having not the most pictures in this writing, but there will be a crap ton to come. Bäi!

Ystävänpäivästä laskiaiseen

m9wada00 Kirjoittanut Daniel Wallenius   blogissa Ikiliikkujan päiväkirja
Julkaistu 16.2.2014, klo 21:54

Viime viikko oli tunnetusti taas yksi niistä, jotka humahtivat ohi ilman sen suurempia tapahtumia tai tarinoita. Maanantaista keskiviikkoon vietin opinnäytteen parissa. Maanantaina kävin lisäksi yhdellä juttukeikalla ja sovin tulevan viikon työkeikkoja. Opari piteni muutaman sivun, mutta rehellisesti sanottuna ajasta ei jäänyt jälkipolville yhtään mitään sen enempää kerrottavaa.

Torstaina meillä oli koulussa hyvinvointipäivä, jota samalla juhlittiin ystävänpäivänä. OSAKO oli piilotellut rakkauskirjeitä ympäri koulua. Yhdestä sellaisesta löysin Novian avainnauhan. Sille varmaan on jossain vaiheessa käyttöä, sillä olen mestari rikkomaan näitä nauhoja ja levittelemään avaimiani pitkin katuja. Lisäksi meillä oli halipäivä. 10 halausta riitti hattaraan, mutta minä hieman innostuin ja halasin 76 ihmistä. Hattaröitä söin kuitenkin vain kaksi. Päätin myös rohkaistua ja tehdä inbody-mittauksen ensimmäistä kertaa pariin vuoteen. En tiedä, mitä on tapahtunut, mutta rasvaprosenttini oli vuosien pellossa elämisestä huolimatta romahtanut. Ehkä se on se tanssi...

Torstai-iltana heitin speksin palaverin ja näytelmätreenien jälkeen yhden kaverin kotiinsa yliopistolta. Aloimme höpistä matkalla henkeviä ja lopulta jäin Etu-Lyöttyyn pariksi tunniksi juomaan teetä ja höpöttelemään.

Perjantaina käväisin koululla hoitamassa pari pikkujuttua. Jotenkin päädyin oppituntien jälkeen lähtemään ystävänpäiväskumpalle muutaman koulumme henkilökunnan jäsenen kanssa. Sieltä jatkoin sitten myöhemmin iltaa Nelivitoseen.

Viikonlopun olen vain rentoutunut katsoen Midsomerin murhia. Ensi viikolla luvassa on töitä, töitä ja opinnäytetöitä. Ai niin, laskiainenkin pitäisi aloittaa..

My experience in Oulu!

liike Kirjoittanut Liikkeessä   blogissa Liikkeessä
Julkaistu 14.2.2014, klo 09:35

At the first time when I came here to Oulu, I was really shocked about everything, about the weather, the price in the market and I did not know what I should buy or not... But, everything started to change when I went to school and met new friends who helped me a lot, the showed me which brand is good and cheap for student, they took me to Lild market and took me to around the city! I started get used to the price and everything. About the weather in Oulu, I came from the tropical country, to see snow here is really excited and new for me although the weather is not so good for me, because in winter the weather is so cold and dark, it make me feel lazy and sleepy, but in summer time, I have to say that it is very great time and very beautiful time of the year, I enjoyed the sun, went to the beach and joined to outdoor activities, it make me feel so great.

My experience about Finn, before I came here to Finland, my friend who studied here told me that Finn are quite shy and it is really hard for them to start the conversations with you. But everything is not as what I imagined the first friend of mine is Finn, and I can say that they are my really close friend, if you ask me how can it happen, I will answer that you have to start first and then you can talk for hours with them, they are really nice people and they are willing to help when you have problem or when you need help.

Finally is about the school! I don't have any words to describe about it, everything is amazing, I love my school and my teachers always make me feel like I'm under pressure, so that I can study better, and if I have something don't understand or have a problem in my life, they are willing to spend their time and talk to me, they try to find out the best way to help their student, they are a great teacher that I have ever met! Besides that, teacher use to give opportunities for student to develop teamwork skill through assignment, project... they always listen to student, and help them! For all the things that I say, I think Oulu is my second hometown and I love Oulu.

Vinh Le Quang BIT2SN

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