Google European Android Camp

Welcome back from the Easter holiday and I hope you had a very nice time celebrating with your friends and loved ones? I will like to welcome you again to yet another academic semester of which, to some students, it is their last semester before the summer holiday and to others, it is their second-to-the-last semester before summer. All the same, it is also a very good semester for project work, especially for students in the school of Engineering, here in Oulu UAS.

This week, I will be sharing with you one good opportunity that may be of interest to you especially if you are studying Information Technology, Computer Science or any other closely related course. If this concerns you, then it might be required of you to apply as quickly as possible because the application for this opportunity has already begun and will soon be closed. Google is committed to helping the innovators of the future make the most of their gifts. With this in mind, Google is excited to launch the second Google European Android Camp program.

Up to 25 current first and second year undergraduate students will be selected to attend the all-expense-paid Android Camp at Google’s London office from August 11th-17th, 2013. The Android Camp will include interactive and collaborative curriculum focusing on a practical introduction to developing application and tools for developing, testing, and publishing software for the platform. Students will also get the opportunity to enjoy technical talks by Googlers, and social activities around London.

Program Goals:
•It provides the top first and second year undergraduate students with exciting and interactive courses in Android development to build development competencies in the Android platform, culminating in application development at the end of the program.
•It allow students to get an inside look into the culture and work of Google.
•It also facilitates connections between students and Googlers that will allow students to discover career paths and create meaningful academic experiences.

To apply
The Applications has begun like I did mention in the above paragraph and the deadline for this application will be midnight (UK time) on April 5th, 2013. This Android Camp will be held in the London Office from August 11th-17th, 2013 and only students who will be able to attend for the duration of the camp should apply. For more details of this application and to apply immediately, visit:

Teacher Exchange Week Successfully Concluded

International Teacher Exchange week organized by Oulu University of Applied Sciences from the 18th – 22nd of March, 2013 has been successfully concluded. The event was a very remarkable one, as there were many participants from other countries of the world. The event presented to most of them, a very good opportunity to meet and network with both their host teachers (here in Oulu UAS) and others from other parts of the world. What an event!

It began with a warmly welcome from Oulu UAS organizers and also the registration of the participants. They were introduced to the Finnish system of education and also to the School of Engineering and its departments. Many of the participants were quite happy when they arrived because all the necessary resources (including a welcome dinner at restaurant Rauhala) that they would need during their period of teaching experience has been put in place by the organizers.
During that same week, they were all assigned to their various classes where they gave their lectures to our students. This was done in such a way that each teacher knows from the schedule, what class and time for him/her to give his/her lectures. That was another good opportunity for the exchange teachers to meet and interact with our students here in Oulu UAS.

On Thursday of that same week, they went (with their some of their contact teachers) for an ice fishing experience to one of the lakes here in Oulu. In the evening of that same day, was another buffet served at Restaurant Kotkanpoika, in School of Engineering. They were also entertained with Music by Teku House Band. It was a very nice evening for them to interact and network with each other.

Finally, the event was successfully concluded on Friday that same week with a very interactive feedback session by the exchange teachers. This was a very good platform for them to give their feedbacks to the organizers (the International Coordinators) on their experience in Oulu and other possible ways/ideas that will enhance a better organization of this event in future. The pictures of the whole event that be found on this link:

International Teacher Exchange Week in Oulu UAS

Oulu University of Applied Sciences, School of Engineering, will be organizing her International Teacher Exchange Week from 18th - 22nd of March 2013. This event offers a very good opportunity for the exchange teachers to exchange ideas with their contact teachers in Oulu UAS as well as interacting and networking with other fellow exchange teachers from other countries.

The International coordinators in School of Engineering have put together all the necessary tools and resources to make this event a memorable one. Since, March is the time to experience the sunny winter days in Finland, the organizers of this event have also planned it in such a way that these exchange teachers will get the tastes of the best Finnish winter time during their stay. What a very nice time to visit Oulu!

According to the program, Monday 18th of March, will be for the registration of the exchange teachers which will be starting at 11.30am in auditorium 3 of the School of Engineering. Also, there will be a welcome event to introduce them to the Finnish education system, meeting of their contact teachers and a welcome dinner in restaurant Rauhala.

Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st of March, the exchange teachers will be having their teaching experience in Oulu UAS. This will be a very good opportunity for us, as students, to learn from other teachers as well. On Thursday afternoon, there will be possibility for them to experience ice fishing in Lake Valkeisjärvi (if the weather is friendly enough). Also there will evening Buffet and very nice music by Teku House Band on that same Thursday.

Finally, Friday 22nd of March, will be a day for the organizers of this event to get feedback from the exchange teachers on the overall performance of the event. One of the aims of this feedback is to help improve future yearly international exchange week in the School of Engineering.

DIIGO- A Very Good Research Tool

Hello friend, I welcome you to yet another new week of studies in this fourth period. I hope you had a very good time and moments during your just concluded one-week spring’s holiday. For me, it was a very nice and relaxing moments too. Nevertheless, I will like to share with you one good internet based tool that you can use to enhance your research work and other study related tasks. I hope you find it useful!

This tool is a robust web-based research tool and a beneficial research portal which combines a multitude of imperative technologies, comprising social bookmarking, web annotation, tagging, and group-based collaboration, to make it possible for an entire unique process of online knowledge organization and participatory learning and research in the 21st century. The name of this tool is “Diigo” and it stands for “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff”.

Diigo is a stunning enabler for vigorous reading, project-based learning, and better communication, specifically with respect to:
• How students and teachers acquire, research and manage information.
• How students can get involved in vigorous and essential online learning and researching.
• How teachers can interact each other simultaneously in learning, reading, researching, decoding, sensing, and critiquing resources and data
• How students can work proficiently as a group, in project-based learning, that needs the crew to achieve, evaluate and produce information from a diversity of information.

What you can do with this tool?

Diigo is the great application for annotating, archiving and bookmarking webpages. Also, with this easy-to-use tool, you can easily:

1. Bookmark links to archive webpages or to read later
2. Attach highlights & stickies to a webpage as a reminder
3. Share pages with annotation via Twitter, Facebook, and Google Buzz
4. Access anywhere, via iPhone, iPad, Android.
5. Create groups to pool findings, share resources or curate content
6. Automatically cross-post to social bookmarking site Delicious (optional)

These features need the privilege to access your pages. Thus Diigo Groups are a phenomenal tool for building, maintaining, and contributing to a professional learning network as they tap into the collective intelligence of the network by allowing many users to share resources and annotations with the group.For details, visit:

Enjoying Your Spring Holiday

Hello friend, I want to assume that you are already started enjoying your spring holiday that will be officially starting tomorrow- 4th of March, 2013. Since this past weekend is included as extra days in the holiday, it makes it very easy for most students to plan their holiday effectively. For me, I am having a nice time already. Holidays like this, makes it possible for students to take some time out of their busy study schedules to have some relaxing moments and to do some of the things they enjoy doing at their spare times before resuming studies again. What a nice moments!

I will be sharing some of the few things that most students do during holidays like this. As we all came from different countries, so do we have different backgrounds as well. This suggests that there will also be different things or events that each student maybe interested in. There are quite common things that I have discovered from my personal research that most students do whenever there is any holiday like this.

Traveling: For most Nationals, traveling to visit their family and loved ones is one common thing that they enjoy doing whenever there is any holiday as such. They feel more relaxed when they are with their loved ones and would prefer to take a trip outside their study environment so they can have a complete feel of the holiday period. This is not restricted to only the national students alone as the international students do also travel outside their study city to visit their friends and loved ones.

Movies: Another good thing that most students do is to watch movies. Most of them prefer to visit movies theaters to watch movies of their choice. They prefer to go there because they really want to have a feel of the environments as they watch their movies. Also there is always a very big difference between watching movies on your PC or laptop and going to the cinema to watch it.

Games: There are some students that enjoy playing games as well. Whenever there is any holiday like this, they see it as a very good opportunity for them to play all the games they enjoy playing either alone or with their friends or loved ones. Most times, they prefer to play it with others because playing games alone can be very boring. So when they play it with their friends, there is this kind of competition that makes each person to want to play at his/her bests. What a challenge!

These are the above few common things that most students enjoy doing when they have any break like this. What they do is actually not limited to only these three items that I have listed above. I am only saying that these three above are the most common ones. I wish you a very pleasant and enjoyable one-week spring holiday!