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K.Allen [Visitor]

Hi! have a liking for the blog! Somehow it just came up and was just what I needed! I am thinking to study there in Finland and I, like many of your other interviewees, am from a tropical country in the Caribbean. So hearing the experiences of international students is refreshing. I do wish to ask about the UAS test, and what it entails? Do I have to travel to Finland to do the test before I get accepted? Thank you, will check in on your blog later!!

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Harrison Oriahi

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r0orha00 [Member]

am back already! have you read my new post? if not, you can check it below:

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copypaster [Visitor]

when will you come back?

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Harisson [Visitor]

I will be back soon!

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theFan [Visitor]

Harrison, we, all your fans, are dying to see the next post. We will it be?

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Bal Gopal Dangol

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Bal Gopal Dangol [Visitor]

thank you!

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Anna [Visitor]

Thank you for your post! This is a good time for every student to remind themselves about useful study techniques. :)
A nice way to schedule breaks is the Pomodoro technique:

You could buy a timer, use the timer of your phone or an online timer like this:

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Harrison Oriahi

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r0orha00 [Member]


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Comfort is comfortable!

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Tamás Mucs

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Tamás Mucs [Visitor]

Well done, thanks ;)

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Harrison Oriahi

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r0orha00 [Member]

Thanks for your comments. Not all the news papers in Finland are in Finnish. You can find some that are in English as well. for example the Helsinki Times ( . I hope this helps!

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Hello !
Could you, please write another article dedicated only to local news papers, television and radio? It is quite challenging for us the students away from home here in Oulu to manage with them. The local news papers, television and radio are in finnish language which is quite hard? Do you have any opportunity for us to cope with this great challenge ?
Please help us !!

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balloon [Visitor]

What a good article! But I'm not very sure that something can be better than internet. I tried to talk to my friends, but they are unfriendly. So internet it is. It is so nice and friendly. And what channels do you use most of all?

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Deep [Visitor]

all the very best for future endeavors!

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In response to: Study experience with Jeveen

sanysha [Visitor]

wow...! desperate to experience the same....
wish u all the best Mr.Shrestha ;)

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Dr. Leison Maharjan

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Dr. Leison Maharjan [Visitor]

Wish you success n lucks !
Will come some day to meet u at Finland! :)

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Harrison Oriahi

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r0orha00 [Member]


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WhatAComment [Visitor]

What a blogger!

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Harrison Oriahi

In response to: Teacher Exchange Week Successfully Concluded

r0orha00 [Member]


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In response to: Teacher Exchange Week Successfully Concluded

admiral [Visitor]

What an article!

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Harrison Oriahi

In response to: Business Associate Internship 2013

r0orha00 [Member]

Thanks @ imo

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imo chibuike

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imo chibuike [Visitor]

Hi bro wassup ur really doin good keep it up
Anyways I aint in mehn

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Jane Ojo

In response to: Three Internship Placement Resources

Jane Ojo [Visitor]

Thanks for sharing, this is a very useful information...

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In response to: Three Internship Placement Resources

bastian [Member]

Thanks for posting this ;-)

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In response to: A very useful Online Presentation Tool

susheel [Visitor]

i have loce my cell phone k i trice my mobil phone pls help me

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Alkasim mudallabi

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Alkasim mudallabi [Visitor]

Good day, please help me tru of document to be send by a Nigerian citizent. Thank you

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Bud Lenard

In response to: GLIFFY- One good tool for making techinical drawings

Bud Lenard [Visitor]

It's too bad that Gliffy isn't free for students. After a while of searching, I came Lucidchart which is very similar but is free for education.

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Nhung Doan

In response to: Study so-far with Mehrad

Nhung Doan [Visitor]

Great article :)

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Harrison Oriahi

In response to: RECALLPLUS – A good learning and study tool...

r0orha00 [Member]

Thank you!

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In response to: RECALLPLUS – A good learning and study tool...

SUOMI [Visitor]

Very good blog. Some interesting and useful topics in share. Keep on doing the good work !!!!

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Olli Lehtola

In response to: FLASHCARD – A Good Tool for Learning and Memorizing

Olli Lehtola [Visitor]

You can take this even further and use spaced repetition software. Basically it is flashcards, but the software shows you certain number of cards daily and you rate how well you remember the cards. Based on that the software adjust how soon the same card will be shown again.

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Eero R

In response to: A very useful Online Presentation Tool

Eero R [Visitor]

I liked your post and the way you want to share information with other students. It's quite a coincidence that I ran into this post since our team is from Oulu too and we are building an awesome tool for presentations.

Presefy is a cloud service for mobile presentations. For example with your google presentation you could upload that into Presefy and take advantage of your mobile device as a presentation control.

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ojo Jane

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ojo Jane [Visitor]

Very intresting I really like this, thanks for sharing:)

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Harrison Oriahi

In response to: Power Searching with Google for all Students

r0orha00 [Member]

Thanks Mehrad!

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In response to: Power Searching with Google for all Students

Mehrad [Visitor]

It sounds really great. Thank you

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Mark Taylor

In response to: Last week’s Event Update…

Mark Taylor [Visitor]

Its such a wonderful workshop, I appreciate the students or the cast who took the intiative to make this event sucessfull. I hope this continues and goes on.

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ojo jane

In response to: Incoming Students Already Arriving….

ojo jane [Visitor]

Wow!!! just like yesterday when somebody pick you up on your arrival to Oulu, time they say changes everything now you are picking and welcoming the new students, nice write up keep it up!!

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In response to: Home Away with Nayan

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shary1230 [Visitor]

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stevenson123 [Visitor]

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daiving egipet

In response to: Christmas in Oulu

daiving egipet [Visitor]

I can agree with you, but I can't imagine spending Christmas without my loved ones as family makes the spirit of Christmas to me.

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ekzotichni pochivki

In response to: Home Away with Orestis

ekzotichni pochivki [Visitor]

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ekzotichni pochivki

In response to: Christmas in Oulu

ekzotichni pochivki [Visitor]

Celebrating Christmas, for many people, is a time to spend with their family and loved ones. Very beautiful photos, this is a wonderful holiday.

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