Work Mexican Work

So let’s babble about the working life here in Nottingham. I have now worked for seven work days at Medi Direct and it has been surprisingly has been fairly nice. The three days felt painful the loooooong days back in the real world took their toll. My working hours are from 9am to 5:30pm with a 45 minute lunch break somewhere around noon. On top of this the travels take close to two hours thanks to loads of road working sites. This means that I am at home around 6pm which is 8pm back home in Finland. This is a tough blow because I can’t watch my beloved Kärpät play ice hockey.  I hate it. Also a thing that my long days make hard is that, by the time I get to the city central to switch busses all the stores are closed. This has been a little difficult thing as coming to a new place has all its little problems

Cool view every morning on my way to work

Actually waking up in the morning again hasn’t been that hard. The hard part has been to mechanize the morning routines so you don’t have to open your eyes fully before you arrive at work. Of course it hurts a little inside when you don’t get to rule the night by tolling around till the break of dawn, but you can’t win always, besides this gives you the excuse to drink your brains out every Friday.

The short cut through the claypit nature reserve, no more than 200 metres


When arriving at the bus stop near my working place. You have two choices of path to walk. The first one is a walk by the road twisting between industry buildings and the other is to take a shortcut through a clay pit nature reserve. It sounds terrific, but there is really nothing else to see but mud. Even thou the view there is pretty, overlooking Nottingham.


Business about to pick up, son

The working building is a part of industrial area with a lot of production building and also other company offices. The offices aren’t anything huge. We have two floors at the end of one of the industrial buildings. Upstairs is a rather large office floor where I work and in the lower floor there is our storage for lot of the products.

Cool movie posters in the entry room at Medi Direct

There was actually so much to babble out work so I will probably talk about what I actually do there in the future so we can sink in to every juicy code detail. So Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls and children of all ages whip out your Codelad books and freshen up your nerd vocabulary. Byyyyeee.


Blog time Episode IV Part 1 : New Hope... I Hope

Finally here and happy as heck, actually I have been here in Nottingham for a week already just took this long to grow some nuts and start spamming the Internets. So for the next eight cheery months I will spend here in the Heart of England working and completing my practical training period. I work for a company called Medi-Direct/Tower Health not really sure which is used where, but I will go into the company and work in more depth at some point in my future posts.

Now that the introductory part is out of the way I can talk more freely because most of the people stopped reading this after the first paragraph, sorry Obama. Also I would like to talk about the fact why I write this in English, well it’s because I can nothing more nothing less.


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The main hallway of the house and stairs to the higher floors.

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Kitchen which gets very crowded if many of us are cooking. Law of the jungle, hoe

Here is the apartment house thing that I will be living in for the duration of my visit. Living with me in the house are five other gentlemen who all are from the UK with the exception of Paul who is Irish, which is pretty much the same thing. The other lads are named John, Corey, Billy and Joe, only little easier to remember than the dwarves in the Hobbit. The guys all work or study at different places around Nottingham.  We have a cheery do it yourself system around the house that everybody just cleans up their own mess and the fastest gets to shower first. Good lads all, but they are all just retards when it comes to the simple fact of which is the best football team in the world. Such simple minds. #Gunners4life




In the house I have my own room which is not much at the moment, but luckily I found something to post on the walls to make it feel little more me. Also as a youth of today who needs anything more than a place to sleep and a computer. I’m sure with a few more weeks and maybe some added decoration I can call this place home.


Hope this first post wasn’t too long of a read, I promise that in the future they will stay little shorter once I get all the action of the first week written out of the way. I will try to post something 2-3 times a week, but hey when do plan ever hold. I promise that i will learn to use all the blog tools to bring some change to the formula, in the meantime here is some more pics.


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The back yard of the house. The window on the left is mine. MINE