Like it says in my CV I am not above manual labour

Sorry peeps for the unusually long silence on this blog. The reason for that is that I had my parents visiting me over and extended weekend. But the good side to that is that now I have a ton of pictures and stories to show so I will be posting them in the few weeks.

Today I want to share a fun operation we had at work this Wednesday called a Crap ton of Boxes: The fall of an Empire.


The lads getting ready to do some heavy liftin

So on Wednesday we had a truck load of products come and it was sort of an all hands on deck situation, or at least all men on deck. Apparently this happens every couple of months whenever we order a lot of our larger products.  And basically we had to unload them inside wherever we had space to spare. This was actually a lot of fun and a great change to the normal day of just sitting on a computer. The container you can see was filled from top to bottom. Apparently there where something around 800 boxes and it took our 9 man crew an hour to unload it. Go Team! After all that we got a small cash bonus ad a reward which is always a pleasure. But I think I’m supposed to keep quiet about it… so don’t tell yo mama.


All an all it was pretty weird day. During the unloading our Internet broke and we were without it almost the whole day. Thanks to this we all did different practical tasks. I was sent to the basement to help our dispatch to pack and label the boxes we just unloaded. This was a fun afternoon, the atmosphere is more relaxed down there with radio pounding rock and the lads fooling around. Sorry for having not the most pictures in this writing, but there will be a crap ton to come. Bäi!

Schmuck birthday blog

First I want to thank everybody for sending their birthday wishes yesterday for my 23th birthday and Welcome to this longer than normal blog. I know its little schmuck to brag about what a great birthday I had, but whatever screw you. MY birthday, hoe. So my Bday was on Saturday the 1st and I did a lot of fun things then, but I start by sharing how the folks at work remembered me. The guys at the office got me a card filled with heartfelt life tips on how to make the best of the big day . Also there were some goodies like cookies and chocolate thingies that tasted like stroke. After work one of the lads from work Joe took me on a short pub tour around Nottingham, thanks for that bud.

So sweet so deadly


Many kind words from my new friends

On Saturday I went to town to get some Bday goodies. I went to the shopping mall which is built in to the town hall that you saw me posing in front of in my last blog. There they have this great whisky/cigar shop where they have this awesome basement for all the goodies. From this shop I got myself a nice bottle of Scotch as a present for the special day. After that I went to the greatest fast food place in the world, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Even thou I am no bro I love me my chicken. I got a bigass bucket of chicken and some fries and gravy. The fellas back at the house were so stoked at the amount of food. Then we stuffed out fat faces and watched some rugby. Kinda lame.


Artistic Mofo

Art gallery thingi. Pretty sweet

The shops inside the town hall

You jelly broh?


In the evening I had tickets to see the Nottingham ice hockey team the Panthers play hockey. To describe the level of hockey here… hmm I would use the term dumbed down version of hockey. The level of play is what you expect that the guys just slide around without really knowing what’s happening. Luckily the low level of the play doesn’t pull down the fun of the experience, because they have all these sircus elements to keep the crowd interested. The announcer is doing everything to keep the crowd cheering which was good, but the tenth time he says “let’s hear it for Nottingham PANTHERS!” it kinda gets repetitive. And of course beer in the audience need I really say more. You. Can. Drink. Beer. In. The. Audience. I know Finland is alone on this crusade to ruin all the fun out of hockey, but god damn does it feel good to have a cold one on your own seat. In the end Nottingham lost to the visiting Cardiff Devils 1-2, but the game was still fun. There was a fight in the first period which probably was the highlight of the game and the away goalie was great and was named the best player of the game.


Listening to God save the Queen

Hilarious halftime show with kids doing figure skating and Yes they did fall over and i was laughing my lungs out.

Thank you all one more time for the Bday wishes, but now I got to head over to Tesco for some nachos cause its Superbowl #Dumbgame. Cheers


In the end the score is the one thing that matters.

Movie tittle or something… : The movie


So I went to the movies yesterday. Not much else. Well I can fill some time with charming butchering of Jack Raayan : Shadow Something. OK. It was awful. Action movie with only one pitiful explosion, lame. I don’t want to totally shoot down the movie, but it was bad, but I had a relatively good time just checking out the movie theatre, but it sucked bad. The reason I was roaming downtown Nottingham was that I had some business to do with my phone operator. Hopefully now I have enough of data transfer thingy to keep writing my blog on the bus like a real Hollywood failure ( God the movie was awful). Here are some pics from the short day roam downtown. The pictures filmed higher up are from the mall that the movie theatre was in. Also these are the first photos that I have taken with my phone, so don't judge me. Thanks Nokia. Shammonah.

Whooosa shmuck douchebag after a haircut.

HAHA fooled you with a worthless picture

I don't know how to feel about this

The didn't want me to take pictures inside. Communists.

Night comes pretty fast when you go to the movies

665 The Neighbor of the Beast

The Grosvenor actually pronounced Grov'ner

Let me introduce you all to a very magical place here in the bosom of mama England. This is Grosvenor, pronounced Gro f*k yourself. The Grosvenor is the nearest pub around here and a pleasant one at that. It is half a mile away down to road towards downtown. Being a traditional pub it offers all the traditional foods and beers, after all that’s what you want from your corner pub. I have been to the Grosvenor already a few times as it is a good place to watch football if there is too much competition of using the TV on Saturdays. Not sure if they show Olympic hockey, but fingers crossed all I can I do hope. Slowly but still with things like the neighborhood pub, this place is starting to feel a little like home. Cheers


Chill out broh

Live to win

Previously on whatever the name of this thing is. So I was telling about the action packed work days that I enjoy here during my placement. Now few weeks in to the marathon my work days have taken form and have frequent structure to them. My work days start with an hour of checking out our product stocks and yesterdays sales. This is a very easy way to start a day by just staring at the lovely glow of the computer screen. One highlight of the day is when around 10am a coffee truck comes around the industrial park selling warm drinks to the workers. The siren of the car is just lovely daa-daa-daaaaa-dabadaaa-daa… ou yeah you can’t hear me humming. Your fault.


My dear working station. Not much, but it gets pretty messy during the day.

Some of our products. I want you to know that i am not forced in to showing these.

My days are pretty much spread in to two halves. First I mainly work with one of the senior management personnel Ed. During that morning half I work on all this Ebay and Amazon related to our company ( Medi-Direct / Tower Health, Go buybuybuy ). Other things that I do apart from stock and sales, is adding products to both platform and fiddling with different tools to increase sales and visibility of our products.


Our larger products that are foot massagers.

Some other products including Paingone pain pen and asthma salt.

Later half of the days after lunch I work with my colleague mates at the table. They work on developing and maintaining our many different web sites. The lads use a content management system program called Magento to build these projects. On top of that they use simple HTML, CSS and PHP languages. I haven’t taken too much part in these projects so far, more just little tedious tasks that they need done. I will be part of these supper exciting fests of nerdom in the future.


The main office room where most of the people work.

More views

Sorry about this more informal two posts. I hope to focus now more on all the random shenanigans that goes on around here. The posts might be little shorter, but typing these 500 word posts are little too time consuming especially during the week. I am sure there will be thrilling little trips all through spring and summer, for example I recently bought myself a ticket to the UK Formula 1 Grand Prix in Silverstone just 66 miles from here. All right good night and rest in peace peeps.  


Creepy thing to see next to the bosses desk. Hope i never meet his little friend. S*t that didn't come out right. Sigh