F*ck do I know and Sh*t do I care

“Fuck do I know and Shit do I care” is the full title, but you just have to be little careful not to offend. This line comes with a little story. Week or so ago we were out partying with our work group, don’t worry there is a blog coming up about that. But when we were out my work lad Nick and I were talking about my English skill I think, Nick told me that his favorite quote from me was “Fuck do I know and Shit do I care”. This came up when we were on lunch at work and the guys were talking about how many calories each of us had in our lunch. That was my answer, shows how much I care. The whole thing sounds like me and I was so delighted that someone actually listens to me when I talk.

Damn I went full The Rock on myself in that thing. So close to referring myself in the third person.

One thing I really have noticed here is how much people care about their health and what they eat. I don’t know if that just is the IN thing now, but everybody seems to be sipping on protein shakes. I don’t really mind it, but on some level it does piss me off. When people just go boom and start like ranting about how much calories and sugar and this and that and bambi each meal we eat has.  It kinda feels that it’s intruding your personal space. I have talked about this with some people before and this feels pretty much like someone pushing their religion on you. I know they are happy and proud of it, but F do I care I don’t, care that is.


Related to the subject and just to have a reason to add images to the subject I want to show you a great restaurant here in Nottingham. The place is called Tropeiro. Tropeiro is Brazilian restaurant which already is pretty cool, but there apparently is this eating style around there called Rodizio. Rodizio means basically that it’s a all-you-can-stuff-in-yo-face type of place, but they serve real quality meat that is cooked over an open flame. Then they have these meat masters that go around the tables offering you the meat and cutting it off these spear thingies, not the easiest thing to explain but you’ll see in the pics. They also have a great side dish buffet so it’s not all about the meat. That is a 100% lie. So I’ve been there twice already, once with my parents and the other time when my sister and bro-in-law were around.  BTW it’s not the cheapest place around so if any of you is visiting me, don’t expect me to pay for it. So here are my pics from when we went with my sister Outi and bro-in-law Ville.


Establishing photo of me with Outi and Ville

That is just a beautiful sight

Good guy bro-in-laws

That's just the side dishes

Vegetarian food also looks nice

That's where they cook the meat if you know what i mean

Here are then some pics from the time we went with my parents.

Dat all happy troll face

I’m Batman

Again I have to apologize for the silence around here. First I need to bring up a little bad news. Everything is good, but I have some school work I need to do from here. This will unfortunately take a bite out of the time I use on writing my blog. So for the next month about I most likely will only post a new update once a week or whenever I can. I have tons of stuff still to write about and I have lots of stuff planned for April so hopefully I can get the school work out of the way fast.

Also last weekend I had my sister and bro-in-law visiting me here in Nottingham so I was rather busy showing them around. Good side to that is that I have a pile of pictures to go through and write blogs abut. But still I would like to cast memories a few weeks back when my parents were still here. Back then we visited an interesting place in Nottingham called Wollaton Park.


The Wollaton Park and Hall area is again just an old manor house and crap large yard around it. Actually kinda interesting that people go to see stuff that some old nark owned back in the day. Well in the end that’s the same thing with the Pyramids so let’s move on. The park was really impressive. It was large fields of lawn and ponds and gardens, so fairly nice. Fun thing there was that they have a lot of animals roaming free in the yards. Pond was full of ducks and ducks and other birds that my English is not good enough to name. More impressive than that was they had a couple of herds of deer just chillin around the place. They were not totally wild I suppose, but there were some warning signs not to piss them off.


Weirdo duck with blue face and all

Sorry I din't have the balls to go up to the deer

Inside the Wollaton Hall they held the Nottingham’s Natural Museum. Again little like the castle it felt kind off out of place and just to fill some space. Then again I always have had a soft spot for natural history stuff, you know dinosaurs and sh*t.

I find this thing extremily creepy

Perhaps the more interesting fact to you young whippersnappers is that the hall was used as a filming location for the latest Batman movie, the one with the mumbling bald warlord. I have not seen the movie so I can’t say what the scene is, sorry again Obama. Just if you have seen the film I am sure you recognize what ever happened around there.

Good day and a fun place. Here is father and son signing off

Football, Catch the Fever

Yesterday opened my live football season. I went to Nottingham Forest – Wigan game. The teams play in the Championship league. That is the second highest level of football in England. The City Ground is the stadium where Forest plays their home games. It is a beautiful old stadium right by the Trent River, the capacity of the stadium is around 30,000 and at yesterdays game there were around 23,000 so the atmosphere was good.

Great view of the City Grounds

The weather was perfect for the day. It was a sunny early spring day, so a perfect to play some ball. Forest was six points ahead of Wigan in the standings, but that didn’t really show off on the pitch. Wigan was relegated from the Barclays Premier League last season, but still you could see the quality in their play and they really were in the driver’s seat the whole game.

I was seated in the main stand on the second row so verrrry close to the field. And what do you know few minutes in there is an scruffle for the ball ten meters from me and the Forest player got his forehead sliced open and was bleeding all over the place. Huh and they say hockey is dangerous. But the player was all fine in the end with just a taped up head and he continued to play like a gladiator. In the game Wigan totally controlled the mid field and that kind off killed off anything Nottingham tried.  As short summary of what happened in the score line: Wigan moved ahead at the end of the first half. Forest tied it early in the second half with a cracking goal from a young prodigy Paterson or something.  After that all just fell apart for Forest and Wigan scored two goals in five minutes and sealed it with a late fourth goal.

Blood right in front of my eyes, i am rock hard right now

Boyo enjoying the sun

 1-4 in the end, but I didn’t really have too much of a favorite in this game, sorry all nottinghamnese people.  This was just a warm up for the big games to come. Also it’s nice to see goals, even if they are banging away on the expense of the home team.

Awesome weather and spot for the day. Praise the Lordah

Whispering pictures of home.

Hello World. This is blog update is little different. This is directed little more toward all my new friends here in Nottingham. Hope I don’t exclude my friends back home, but when my folks came around to visit I caught some of their pictures from wintery Oulu. And anyway this is going to be a short blog, so don’t get too butthurt about not seeing my dumb face or any new place from Nottingham.

Ok so these are my father’s pictures from early February I think. They are from my parent’s house and the neighborhood where I grew up in. They show you the beautiful side of winter. Hope you enjoy.

Picture of the front yard of the house

Home road, if that makes sence

Castle Thingy

So my parents were visiting me a little while ago. While here we visited the Nottingham Castle. Ok it’s not like you imagine an old timey English castle to be, but it’s still a castle.  The building is more of a manor house that was built on the ruins of a medieval castle. Now it’s used as a museum and art gallery.

Even thou the building is maybe little underwhelming, the yard and the view from there is great. The castle is placed on a hill very near to the city center so it seems to be a popular visiting place for tourists and locals during not rainy days. For us the weather was fairly good with no rain, but some strong ass winds.

These are my parents photos so that is the reason why you will see my face all around them.


Parents visiting. Here's the man with loving mama

Kinda like Father like son. Here is some target practise for Robin Hood.

Statue of little John a supposed assosiate of mr Hood.


Views are great as you can see pretty much all of the central Nottingham from the hill top.


Inside the castle the exhibitions are a bit weird. By this I mean there are so many kinds of random exhibitions that don’t really seem to fit. The exhibitions don’t focus really hard on Nottingham itself more just what the Kingdom was doing where and when and what part the folks of Nottingham played in it. Lots of military porn was on display and the other big exhibition was about the industrial revolution. Fairly fun stuff, but who actually wants to listen to a 10 minute track of the sounds of making steel. Just saying. At the end there was a Robin Hood area which was pretty disappointing. Too much of a kid’s thing. I don’t really know what to think about the whole Robin Hood mythology. It’s all fun and games, but when I look at the shit they are whoring out to people with the image of Robin Hood. Pisses me off.


Dem red coats

I do not approve of this crap

Trust me i'm a professional.


After going through the castle we headed a little down the road where the “oldest” inn in England is. Ye olde trip to Jerusalem. It’s a fun little place that is build into the walls of the castle and it extends little in to the natural caves that go under the city. Sorry for not having any pictures from inside, but there will be some in the future, so stay tuned. Man I am good at selling stuff.  That’s pretty much enough and done for this blog and out of order this sentence might be.

The supposedly oldest pub in England. Still a very cool and unique place. Pics from inside will come later.