Good times at Goodison Park

So the main event of the trip was a Premier League football match between Everton and Arsenal. For those who don’t know Everton is the team that is from Liverpool. Also all the people who know me know that I am a BIIIG time Arsenal fan and this was the first time I got to see them play live. Also I have always liked Everton because they play good entertaining football and have big future names like Lukaku and Barkley.




Because this was the reason I travelled to Liverpool I wanted to do this right. So I went to the game well on time like two hours before kick-off and it was worth it. Visiting the fan shop on game day is fun because it’s packed weeeelll before the game. Also seeing the team busses arrive was fun, even thou I only managed to recognize Arsene Wenger’s gray hair. Also the Everton fan area next to the stadium was great fun, with snack and beer tents and some pre entertainment it was a great way to get into the mood. There were both Arsenal and Everton fans enjoying the festivities without a trace of anger or hooliganism. I feel that is more of a myth, once again shit goes bad once a while, but the reality is rather far from that. But the feeling was great in the pregame entertainment included where free samples of Chang beer who are the main sponsor of Everton. Also seeing the team’s warm-up is fun to see.


Aaron Ramsey in practise. He was returning after months of beeing injured

The game itself was so important in the race for the fourth place in the league and for the last spot to European Champions league qualifying spot. Arsenal was fourth pregame and Everton was only 4 points behind on fifth position, so the game had a lot on the line. Unfortunately that didn’t show too well on the field. It looked like Everton was the only team ready to play and just simply wanted to win so much more. Arsenal held the ball more, but it was all just fiddling in the middle of the pitch. On the other side when ever Everton got the ball they just burned some damn rubber and went fast and towards the goal. Then it wasn’t suprising when Everton scored the first goal with just 15 minutes played.  They entered the Arsenal box with enough men and speed and the ball bounced to one of their guys and pounded it in to the net. After that Everton could just shill on their own half and let Arsenal frustrate themselves with incompetence and just strike back when they got the ball in good positions. Close to the half time Everton kinda sealed the game when the big black Belgian Romelu Lukaku thundered through Arsenal and sealed it with a sweet left foot finish. Arsenal never could really recover and in the second half Everton added one and won in the end 3-0. Of course I was little disappointed in my favorites performance, but the atmosphere in the stadium was magical and wiped away most of my anguish. Great experience with great teams and fans and I would do it again a million times if I could. Hopefully the result will be different when I go see Arsenal play in London in a couple of weeks.

So ends my intense nerdmarathonextravaganza called Liverpool fagit week. There will be little silence around because I am finishing this blog in London and I am going to share the reason and stories later. Now keep cool my babies and peace out.

The ever gray hair of Arsene Wenger

Corner aftermath

Lukaku one of my favorite players in the league. Unfortunately he scored against us, but still hats off for the young gun

Two great playres shaking hands Defender Per Mertesacker and goalie Tim Howard. Looking forward to see both do in the world cup this summer

Everton fans singing loud as fuq

Harbor of many stories

So the area where the Beatles museum and the Ferris wheel lied was called Albert Dock. The dock has plenty of stuff to do like shops and the things I already mentioned. The place looks nice with vintage boats and the view out to the Mersey River. Also there were few free entry museums and a great old pub.



The pub is called Pump House, because it used to be a pump house for the dock, duh. So the place looked totally unique and the view was great from all sides. I didn’t eat there, just dropped in for a mid day pint. The sold their own unique Pump House ale which was awesome and a great way to set the mood for the roams around the docks.


View from my seat at the Pump House

After the trip to the pub I was open minded to go visit some free entry museums. They had two museums that interested me and those were a Titanic museum and the International Slavery museum. These both are might be little touchy issues so I try to bring out my opinions without offending any of my 6 readers. Haha just kidding I average 12 readers per blog.

Ok so I actually forgot before going to Liverpool that the Titanic actually set sail from there. They actually also would have had memoriam for it somewhere in the riverside, but you can’t do it all man. For some reason I didn’t take any quality pics in the museum, that kinda tells you how much I in the end cared. They had one cool 10 meter “miniature” of the original thing, which was pretty cool, but meh in the end.

After that I continued my fascination with little unusual museums. I have been to communism and torture museums. So this time I went to the International Slavery museum. I was not sure what really to think about it. I was afraid it was going to be just a forced guilt trip on white people. It kinda did that, but the place was spread in to three areas. First one was showing the African culture and the heritage they were robbed of. I do get the point and make no mistake this is all terrible piece of history. Second part of was about how black people were taken around the world in slave ships. That I can imagine being hell on earth where you are just thrown in to a dark wet hole for weeks and if you are a good boy you get to see the sun and row the ship. The last part of the museum was about the effect the descendents of the slave trade have had on the world. In the images you can see fan art of Obama and dr King.

Now my short opinion on the whole matter. First I kind of want to state that the white man didn’t invent slavery. Everybody has enslaved somebody in their history, either it’s each other of the nationality or it’s someone who just happens to be different. I am a man of history and I know these things are always little hard and that the most horrifying human acts are always remembered, still I don’t want to stay silent about it because I might be the whitest guy to say anything. Still my point is that there are and always be some fucknuts. It takes a real fucktard to bring such kind of harm to people, no matter the race there will always be damaged and violent minds.

Some African art piece

Miniature of a slave ship

Yolo Submarine

Already I’m sorry about the title. Please don’t hate on me bro.

Ok so the other big thing Liverpool is known for other than their football clubs is The Beatles. I’ve never been a huge Beatle fan. There is nothing wrong with their music I’m just little more into the heavier stuff. I know the essentials Hey Jude’s, Norwegian woods and let it beees, but I didn’t know much about their journey as a band so that’s why I went to the Beatles Story museum.

The place was awesome! Tons of themed rooms like a yellow submarine room and a remake of the famous Cavern Club, which I didn’t have time to see, pity. They also had a great memoriam section for John Lennon, included was a recreation of the set they filmed the music video for Imagine. Also was beautiful that they had the lyrics on the walls in different languages. Little too hippie for my taste, but I guess that was their whole thing.

I went full tourist on the museum and rented a head set which tells you a story about all the exhibitions. This was fun to save time from reading. Yey technology. In the end iIt was a fun colorful music filled walk through the history of Beatles.

Wall stimulates media with flashing lights and random qustions

They had a room made after the yellow submarine. Sorry it was a dark room and flash made it look lamerr

First translation on the wall in finnish, sweet

Remake of the set they filmed the music video for John Lennon's Imagine

Liverpooool week

Attention, attention, attention. This week is going to be a bit different. I visited the lovely city of Liverpool a week ago. The trip was a ton of fun and I would like to do something different with writing about it. I will be going to London for the long Easter weekend, so I won’t be able to update and there will be a crap ton of new stories to write. So I decided to have intense Liverpool themed week this week. SO FOR THE NEXT FOUR DAYS IN A ROW I WILL POST A SHORT BLOG ABOUT MY TRIP TO LIVERPOOL. I CALL IT BREAK THE META YOU LITTLE FAGIT WEEK, or JUST LIVERPOOL WEEK!!


So I had never been to Liverpool and I didn’t really know much of what to expect. The main reason I went there is because on Sunday I went to an Everton-Arsenal football game, but that is another update of its own.  After that I basically had in my mind that I wanted to see the Ocean and the Merseyside River. Of course I had in my mind that would be nice to see related to the Beatles, but it wasn’t a must for me.

So when I got there I did what I usually do in a new place and that is just following my nose. Just like magic it took me 10 minutes to find both football teams fan shops. I might have bought something from the blue shop, but that won’t be shown in public. After that I got to my favorite spot in the city and that is shown in the first picture. Suddenly you just show up in a little square and then you smell it, the salty sea air. I don’t know what it is about the salty sea air and the never ending wind that just calms my mind. Also the fountains were dedicated to an old timey scientist who researched how and why the tide happens. Anywhere I went in the city centre I tried to stop by this square to just chill out a moment.



From the square you got the old Albert docks which I will talk about in more depth on Wednesday. There were again old timey boats and a large Ferris wheel. Even thou I am dead scared of heights I gripped my balls and took a run to see the city. Pity it was a little gray day so you can’t see terribly far, but still you get a good grip of the city.


Big church that i didn't have time to go see

On Sunday I had the football game and after that I just chilled around waiting for my train. Luckily the weather was pretty sweet so I roamed around even thou my legs were screaming at my brains. Next to the train station is the St George’s Hall. Don’t know what that is more than it was an impressive looking building with a expensive garden.

Radio tower or smthing

Look a memoriam for the horror of ABBA

Merry men of the empty Sherwood Forest

Good day to all. Today I would like to share some images and thoughts on the iconic and legendary Sherwood Forest. We went there some weeks back when my sister and bro-in-law where here. The forest is an hour a drive away from Nottingham and luckily we had a gorgeous day when we went.  Everybody has heard the legends of Robin Hood and his merry men wreaking havoc around the English country side and the stories tell that they had their base set up in the Sherwood Forest.

Today Sherwood Forest is basically… just a forest. Only thing there actually is a visitor center which is really disappointing. Just a attempt to nick some money off tourists and the fame of Robin Hood. On that note I know I was one of these people. I don’t mind that they have these exhibitions and souvenir shops, actually I think that’s just smart, but the way they have done is just sad. Especially the souvenir shop was lame. Everything was made of that lame foamy fabric and all of it was directed at kids, God dammit kids don’t want to come to a forest with nothing in it. I was hoping I could find a quality had like the one Robin wears in the stories, u know the one with a feather on top. Then there are just lame pencils and key rings and shit.

The only thing actually that was fairly cool in there was the Major Oak. Looks like Prof Oak is moving up in the world heh, sorry about that. Basically the Major Oak is a big old fat tree. That’s it. The Oak is supposedly 800-1000 years old and the legends tell that Robin and his homies hid there from the law. Now a days it looks little sickly and overgrown. They actually have steel reinforcements to hold up the largest branches. Even thou I bitch about going there it was a pretty day and worth seeing I guess. Might go again in the summer when they have some Robin Hood festivals with tournaments and wenches and archery and what have ya.

By the way thanks Disney from everyone here in Nottingham. Just thought I would mention that.

A pub from the little village near the forest

Sis and Bro baking in the sun

Derp shelfie

So theres the big tree

See the steel beams holding it up

Not terribly impressed

Keep on trucking my good people