Some magic for the Midsummer fest

Midsummer fest is what I call Juhannus in here for my finish readers. Aaand for my English readers that is the second biggest holiday we have during the summer solstice. Origins in some pagan fun stuff, but modern times its BBQ mixed with a pile of sin.

So for the festivities I wanted to do something fun and it just so happened that my favorite magician/comedian team Penn and Teller were doing an England tour at the same time. Penn and Teller are not your regular hokkuspokus top hat wearing bunny abusing magicians. Their style is more to make fun of traditional magicians and make some fun with political or religious satire. I got to know them from their television show called Bullshit. Show is not really about magic, but more about things that the duo thinks are Bullshit. The show takes a kind of documentary look at some subjects like gun control and organic food, and stuff like that.

Luckily one of my work mates knew Penn and Teller and was happy to join me on this trip, let’s just refer to him as Joe, average Joe.


Psyched sooo much

Boys inside the theatre

The show was in the Hammersmith Apollo Theater, nothing truly amazing but still cool place. I don’t have pictures from the show itself, but I’ll post a few videos from Youtube that has their tricks that they did, in case there is interest. As they are magicians they gotta do some traditional tricks. The first video I have is their take on the classic sawing a woman in half; of course they take their edgy take on the thing. I love this trick, they did it just before intermission and the end is just so woah moment and what tha hell happened, so it leaves a lasting impression.



This second trick is my favorite bit they do. It’s not a terribly flashy or big number, but it has such a chilled atmosphere and a awesome display at the real talents it takes to do magic. Teller does pretty much all the cool stuff  in this one, but the narrative and background Penn provides make it a super sweet combination which makes this my favorite feat they do.



When the show ended and Penn and Teller thanked the audience they surprisingly just ran up through the audience outside the theatre and then just waited there for the hordes of fans to come ask for autographs and take pictures and what have ya. So I and Joe chilled out there until we got our pictures with the heroes of the show. So cool. Just so freaking cool.

Apollo theatre. Thanks for the magical memories.

Joe, Penn and meee.

Teller, me and Joe. He actually talked to all the fans which was amazing

World Cup Fever

It has started!!! The Football World Cup in Brazil. I got all my school stuff finished just before the World Cup so sorry the blog has been quiet, but still my blog so ha.

When I first realized I was coming here for the eight months, one of the first things to cross my mind was that I was going to miss out on the World Cup. Took actually some time to turn it around that I have opportunity to be in a country that actually is in the World Cup. So I have a chance to soak up the football fever. It’s not as massive as I hoped, no huge mobs of people roaming the streets on game night, but still pretty cool.  So I’d like to share some images and try to forward the atmosphere that’s around here at the time.

At work we geared up pretty well, although not that many now dick about football, just saying. There were tons of little England flags spread around the office and we got some creepy football related masks to wear around. Pity not too many had the nuts to wear them. Here’s me and work lad Harry fooling around on Friday. Im Hodgson because he was the coach for the Finnish national team some ten years ago.


At our house the mood is little different, because we have three guys who are fanatic about the games, one patriotic captain England A-hole and an Irish gentleman who could not care less. So still by the rules of democracy we dominated the opposition and decorated the living room like it should be. I made my statement that Finland had to be represented so that explains the Finish flag.

God save the Queen

Wembleyyyy. That’s pretty much all I got. So on my 3/5 trip to London I went to the arena on Kings, Queens and whatever Freddie was from between them. So I went to an England national team friendly game against Peru. I felt it was a good appetizer for the summer’s big games in Brazil and more importantly to see the legendary Stadium. As a stadium Wembley was the most massivest thing I seen in ever. The game wasn’t fully sold out, but still with 83 500 attendance it was the biggest amount of people I eeever seen.

Thar she is

Of course im sticking my arrogant face in here

Freaking shopping centres and stuff surrounding the stadium

Practise field next to the biggie

The game was also the first international football match I have been to, so I have never been to a Finland match. Some day u know. So a great thing with all the international matches is that they play the national anthems which always bring a level of prestige to the event. England of course preparing for the World cup which gave some spice to the game, Peru is not in the cup but still they clearly wanted to show their skill.

God save the Queen. Just Epic

Shortly the game was not really that exciting. First 30 minutes was very friendly just chilling until England’s Daniel Sturridge hammered one in from 20 yards and boy it was a wicked goal. After that Peru didn’t get much done and then England scored two from corners and done. That’s pretty much it.

Gooo sportsball

Some of the England stars. 20 Lallana, 10 Rooney and 9 Sturridge

Stevie-G in the midfield

England team celebrating

Now to the most exciting thing about the event and that was the amazing audience. The crowd was very rowdy and when the game was quiet we made our own entertainment. Couple of times we got a wave going around the Wembley which was freaking massive. O so much fun. Now the big thing that they had was these flapping things that had been given to the masses. When you slapped your hands with them they would make a louder noise than regular clapping. Also when you unfolded them and held them over your head it made a flag of England in the crowd. This was pretty awesome. After that it took like 10 minutes for the crowd to realize that you can make paper airplanes from paper. Then you can throw the planes on to the field. This sounds easy, but hundreds of people tried this and only a dozen made it to the pitch. This was always fun, because every time a plane was promisingly flying towards the field the crowd would cheer it on.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaan the funniest incident of the paper planes was probably the funniest thing I have eeever seen in a sports event. This was that one of the planes managed to hit one of the Peru players on the head. The thrower was only like 7-8 rows behind me and we were way up in the rafters, so the distance was something like 100 meters. The crowd went absolutely bananas after this. Even I forgot to follow the game easily for more than 5 minutes. And Here is a link to Youtube video where you can see it happen:

Thank you

God you are so pretty

The thing that made my mom question her parenting, live in Nottingham

And that thing is the American show wrestling WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Also yes my mom actually said to me when I was 16 and WWE was kinda big among us teens she said “where have we gone wrong in our parenting”. I always thought that was funny. Also yes this blog is going to be me going to a live wrestling show here in Nottingham. So if you not interested don’t read further. I’ll try to not make any high quality jokes so you don’t miss out.

I don’t go yelling around that I’m a fan of show wrestling and that is not totally because I would be embarrassed of it. It’s a little of that but mostly it’s that I’m sick and tired of explaining myself why I like it. It’s little like when people keep asking me why I’m and Arsenal fan, only with grown men lathered in baby oil. The main reason why I love WWE and show wrestling is pretty much why I’m a diehard fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger and that is larger than life characters. I don’t want to see some guy struggling to pay their bills I want freaking entertainment. I want something that is fairly simple told with interesting characters both good and bad guys, even if it’s a guy who pretends to be a dead man or a masked fence skipping Mexican luchador. And yes I know its “fake” duh, but it’s still athletic and fun to follow, at least for me.

So when I came to Nottingham and found out that the WWE would be doing a live event here as a part of their spring UK tour I blew up from my seat. I know it’s not a televised event like their flagship programs RAW and Smackdown, but that wasn’t the thing for me. I wanted to experience the thrill of the show. The crowds at these are known as fairly loud and that was the thing I wanted. I won’t explain the entirety of the show because that would take ages. I’ll just write notes on all the images to let people know what’s going on. Just to say that the main points of the show revolved around a group called the Shield and a bad guy called Randy Orton and two random goons.

Arena waiting to explode

My favorite active wrestler kicks off the show. Randy Orton

See my fav. By the way RKO is he's finisher move

Roman Reigns representing a group called the Shield. Also the main event is decided to be Orton-Reigns in a Nottingham street fight.

Two other members of the Shield face off against Orton's goons

The shield won

A chick match. In a way yey in another not so yey

Yeah a good old cage match. Häkki perkele

Two huge guys Kane and The Big Show face off in the cage.

They are supposed to be dancing. I know it looks akward. Thank good it's happening in a public place.

They had a four guy match for the Intercontinental tittle. The champion was a guys from Preston England and he got the biggest cheers all night. He's the one in the red tights.

Shit gonna go down. A table baby

Back fired on Reigns. Though luck buddy

Orton's goons show up...

Also the rest of the Shield joined to be beaten down

Orton hits his finisher RKO. Awesome moment and a pretty good pic too

The evening ends in Reigns victorious and the Shield celebration


O lordy I’m back. So much has happened since my last update. I’ve been to London TWICE, I had my parents visit me, Kärpät won the Finnish national ice hockey championship and I have achieved more dreams that a one handed man can count to with his fingers. Seriously in April alone I have filled more dreams that I dared to dream not so long ago. Now here is the latest and probably the most heartfelt and religious to me.

So one of my biggest passions is football (tadaa revelation) and my team is Arsenal. International football is a story of its own I will talk about at the start of the world cup this summer. A lot of people here have asked me why a random fella from Finland is an Arsenal fan. They always ask why not Liverpool because Hyypiä was big player there at a time. Well I’ll try to explain this fairly shortly and clearly.

I always have loved football, but what you mostly saw on the telly in Finland was all the international tournaments and some champions league games. So you didn’t see too much about the Premier league and the other European leagues. So I grew up and in the summers enjoyed all the world and euro cups they had. Until in the 2008 Euro Cup I didn’t even think of following the national leagues. That Euro tournament introduced me to the man who made me start following Arsenal and that was a little Russian lad named Arshavin. Andrei Arhavin was a winger or a striker for Russia and something in his play made me fall in love with the way he played. He had pace, dribbling skills and a strong shot on top of that. Yet you can find those skills all around the world, but it was his charisma and kind of Russian arrogance that made me like him. Not arrogance like his a douchebag with a ton of gel in his hair. He looked lazy on the field for long periods of time, but when he decided to go shit always went down. He scored two goals in the Euro cup including an overtime goal against the Netherland in the quarter finals. Russia ended up in the fourth place, but that team spearheaded by Arshavin earned a place in my heart. After those showings in the cup Arshavin moved from the Russian league to Arsenal and at that point I thought now is the time to start following more football.

So that basically was a longshort story why I am an Arsenal fan. Of course Arshavin is now gone back to the Russian league, but during those years I built an unbreakable bond to the club as well.


Level of self pics is too high

I made it


Of course when my placement here in Nottingham was confirmed I had just one thing on mind. Beer. Ok and of course I burned to go to the Emirates Stadium to see an Arsenal home game. I know that I saw Arsenal play in Liverpool, but to go the home coliseum with 60,000 other football fans. I meant to go a lot sooner, but three times games that I had planned were all moved to midweek thanks to other cups. This lead till I had to choose a Monday game against Newcastle. Thanks to this and a underground strike all I basically could do is walk to the arena and back, but luckily this just made it clearer why I love London, you can find something fun and cool in just random places. One of them was this fountain garden yard in front of London university of Arts or something.


Boys training

Sooooo psyched

I was way up in the cheap seats

Boys are celebrating Girouds third goal


Now then, took a long while to get to the actual game itself. At this time Arsenal had dropped out of the title race and was battling to keep Everton behind us to qualify for next season Champions league. Big difference to the game in Liverpool was that we had got many of our key players back from injury including last summer’s record signing Mesut Özil. Thanks to this being my back up game my seat was fairly up, but that didn’t bother me at all.

The game in the end was one sided from the start with Arsenal dominating all through. Newcastle was in the mid table and they didn’t have too much to play for and showed pretty clearly. Arsenal went ahead after about 20 minutes with a header from the French defender Koscielny and that was followed by a goal from the money man Özil. His goal was funny with our striker Giroud played through and he shot the ball twice in to the chest of Newcastle goalie and then it just rolled to Özil who basically just rolled it into the net. After the halftime Newcastle didn’t show anything new and Arsenal sealed the game with a banging header from Giroud. After that the game was mainly just playing and the fans singing their nuts off. The game also ended in these numbers.


Fountains near the train station were awesome in the evening


And so ended my pilgrimage to the Emirates stadium, boy was I happy as a child on crack. Even when I arrived back in Nottingham at three in the morning there still was a big ass smile across my face.