Ye Olde Alton Carnival Tower Land

End of July means that I have a month left here. I don’t like to say that time flies, but it has been really fun being here and really satisfied in my time so far here. During my last month I have a bunch of things on my plate. Mostly little things I want to do here in Nottingham. Also I need to start turning my eyes towards start of school and some things for that. So because of these I’m sorry if there is a silent break on the blog, but I will do my best to update at least once a week.

Last weekend me and my mate Average Joe who I went to London with a couple weeks back, went to an amusement park called Alton Towers. I didn’t know nothing about the place before we went, it just was an idea someone threw out and who doesn’t love a good mindless fun day at an amusement park. The Alton Towers is and amusement park built around an old manor house and its gardens. This made the overall area really pretty and a nice balance to all the rollercoaster’s and games and all the theme park stuff.

I don’t know really what to tell about the day. We did the usual stuff like log ride and semi racist Congo River ride ride. I mean it really had no attempt to build a theme around it other than the name. Your floating around a British forest in a ride called Congo River ride, I found that weird. At least throw a fake elephant or something around there. I’m not that great with rides especially anything that spins you around. I have lost my lunch few times after making the mistake of going to a wrong ride. Even looking at the freaking tea cups makes me sick. So after a few of the bigger rollercoaster’s I was feeling little green. So from there we skipped the biggest rides and just stuck to all the smaller things like pirate village and lunch, you always gotta have lunch. Even thou those monsters didn’t sell me alcohol because they couldn’t accept my driving license as proof, pissed me well off.

There is the Alton Towers that it gets its name for

Yarrr Pirate park

Fake Shark

Mid ride selfie

This ride got my stomach really dancing

Cable carts to go around

One of the big boys Oblivion and i didn't have the testies to get on it

Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses

That is the opening line to Black Sabbath’s song War Pigs for you non metal heads. Soooo guess what I was in London again. For the fifth time in four months, not overkill at all. Well I think this trip was my last until it’s time to head back home to Finland at the end of August.

This time it was for HEAVY FUCKING METAL. They have this festival in London’s Hyde Park called Fill in generic music festival name. Ok it’s not that, but it’s called British summer time, gay. But who cares about the name of a festival when the bands are awesome. On Friday when I was there the lineup was sooo heavy Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Faith no more, Motörhead and Soulfly. My main interest was Sabbath cause I hadn’t seen them before. Also seeing Motörhead was big because I have been chasing them for a year now. I was going to see them in Finland last summer, but they had to cancel aaand the same thing happened when they were supposed to play in Nottingham earlier this year.

Sunny day in London

First place i found Finnish alcohol was at a freaking festival in London.

The famous great Oak stage

Fucking Motörhead \m/


The last performer before Sabbath was the American band Soundgarden. I didn’t know that much about them, only a couple of songs I could recognize. They were good really heavy sound and I like that. They were celebrating one of their albums 30th year, but I can’t really remember the name of the album. You know I’m only human. But anyway that album included the two songs I knew from them; Black hole Sun and Spoonman. They were good on stage, not the most showiest show, but they performed well and professionally.

Soundgarden on stage. They were pretty good


Sabbath man Sabbath. Holy jeesus they were good. All three of the original guys were still in top form and even the fill in drummer was good. Damn Ozzy was still in insane form he was running around screaming like he was a teenage boy. He even emptied a bucket of water all over himself.

Freaking Sabbath was so good. Set list was heavy as a pregnant rhino from the start to the finish. They started off with the classic War Pigs. I love that song every metal fan knows the lyrics from the start to finish. The set list took you through the classics like Iron Man, Black Sabbath, Children of the Grave and of course climactic end with the infamous Paranoid. They also played a couple from their latest album 13 that came out last year, go figure. I really loved the song God is Dead? from the new album, heavy with great lyrics and a great riff. There is so much I love about the music of Sabbath, its heavy, with classic guitar riffs. Still the thing that makes the Sabbath sound for me is the rhythm elements. Bass and drums are so jammy and all over the place in a good way that it makes the possibility for the great classic Sabbath speed changes. I can’t remember a heavy metal band with such a variety in their rhythm changes, it kind off reminds you of some Latin jazz thing or something.

Back to the show itself. The definite highpoint of the show for me was their name song from their first album Black Sabbath. The background screens were so huge and when the song kicked off they just turned in the insane sized images of flames. I really wanted to take a step back out of some primal fear, but you know you can’t even put your arms down at that point of the show. That was just crazily amazing. Of course the classic end was Paranoid. Don’t know if a rock song can get more classic than Paranoid, but man it was an honor to see it and a perfect way to end the night and set off the fireworks.

Intro to War Pigs

The riff master Iommi


Ozzy was still in great shape

During the Black Sabbath song it looked like the freaking forest was on fire

The new drummer had his solo and did it juuust fine

It’s Oveeeeeeer. Thank God Germany won

Wäääääääh. Wäääääääh. Its oveeer. Nyyh the World Cup has endeeed. A month long celebration of football is now a thing of the past. Well at least I got my time back. Days of rushing to pub straight from work and then going to sleep at one at night started to take a toll on me. Plus all the beer and crisps started to be too much, nah just kidding you can’t get tired of beer. The games were awesome and memorable so thank you Brazil and all the teams in the games.

So we had a small Barbeque party for the final with the house mate. We set up my housemate John’s 65’ inch’s TV in to the garden and just watched it there. In the final I was sooo totally on Germany’s side and I was pretty much screaming my lungs out when they scored the winning goal in extra time. I think they played the best all around football and I had money on them so of course they won it. Let’s keep it short this time and end with congratulation to Die Mannschaft or as we say here to The Mannshaft. Holla


John does not enjoy the ITV half time show

Neither does Joe so the good man makes us burgers

Guess who made some money on the game

Loistavaa Bottas – Grand times in Silverstone

First I want to say sorry because this is a fairly long update, you have been warned

So again I had a biiig weekend when I went to London, but that story will come in a couple of days. But last Sunday I went to the Formula 1 Grandprix in Silverstone. I’m not the biggest formula fan in the world, but I like to keep my eye on it and catch a couple of races a year. I use to be a big time fan when I was a younger back in the days when Michael Schumacher was racing Mika Häkkinen. Those were the days. The races aren’t so bad, don’t get me wrong, but since those days football just kinda took over. So going to a Grandprix was a little boys dream come true even thou the price ticket is in the ball park of a once in a lifetime event.

The race site is huuuuuuuge. When I got there and marched through the front gates and got the map of the track and asked where my corner was he just pointed one way and said “half an hour that way”. It is really insane how big the thing is. Because basically it’s only guys driving cars, but I guess all the glamour around it makes the sport. One thing that puts the scale in to perspective is that there were over hundred thousand people attending the race. HUNDRED THOUSAND = 100 000 that is an insaaaaane amount man. Also all the pre race festivities make the thing feel so freaking big. They had a marching band go through the track and also had a fighter plane exhibition or something like that.


Ariplane show pre race

Marching band warming up

My seat was in the Stowe corner which is towards the very end of the track. It was a good spot to watch the race as I saw the cars for a good twenty seconds and also saw the entry to the pit lane. Good thing at the event was that they had plenty of big screens showing the TV broadcast and playing the commentary so you could follow the events of the race.

So the start of the race was at least eventful. They did their warm-up lap as drivers normally do, slowly crawling through the track. Then the race starts all you can do is watch the screens and listen to the commentary of the first lap waiting for the cars to show up behind the corner and the noise taking over. BUT NOOOOOOOOOO. Then you hear from the commentary that there has been a bad crash in the early parts of the track. Aaaaand of course it has to be Kimi Räikkönen.  The former world champion managed to crash hid fucking Ferrari in the first fucking lap. There I am sitting in my Ferrari shirt with my Finnish flag on my shoulders, listening how the Finnish driver slams his multimillion euro car in to the freaking barricade. THE FIRST FUCKING LAP. I saw him only drive the god damn warm up lap. Not only that he bashed the barricade so bad they had to stop the race while they fix it.


Kimiiii whyyyy

Delay in the race, yey mooore beer

So after an hour stop to the race they finally resumed it, without Kimi of course, bastards. I won’t go over the entire race because this blog is going to be long enough as is, so I’ll just go over the highlights of what happened around my corner. Hamilton of course was the home crowd favorite and people always cheered when he drove past us. Same was for the other British drivers Button and Chilton. The race actually went by a lot quicker than I thought. After 6-7 laps the gaps started to be long enough that there was always someone driving past the corner. The only finish driver left after Kimi’s crash was Valtteri Bottas who races for the Williams team. He failed at the qualifying and started off from the 14th position, but it was clear that he was the fastest car after the extremely dominant Mercedez drivers Hamilton and Rosberg. So he started to pick off other drivers and quietly make his way towards the Mercedez duo. Propably the high point in the race was during this time he took over Button right in front of us. I was jumping up and cheering when everybody else was frowning.

So the race was controlled by Rosberg with Hamilton trying to catch up and Bottas sneaking somewhere behind them. Sometime around the half way mark Rosberg had to quit the race due to gearbox failure. From that point Hamilton cruised into an easy win. I don’t really like him because of his douchbag image and tabloid life, but I’ll let it slide in his home race. But the real story was that Bottas snuck through the line of other drivers to come second, which is his best position far in the Formula one. Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull was third, but in the end who cares. The home town boy won and my Finn was second so I’ll take that so everybody can be happy.



After the race they let all the people flood the track, which was amazing. Just walking on the track, kicking the tire walls and the corner bumps was great. I almost missed the award ceremony and mainly caught the post interview where ex driver David Coulthard interviewed the top three, but mainly Hamilton. But who cares about that. It was just awesome strolling down the starting straight soaking in Bottas’s great achievement. That seems a good point to end this marathon blog, but man it was a good good day. Bye everybody.

You jelly, bro?

Chillin at the tire walls

Interviews going on at the podium

Man of the day Lewis. Let the dude have his moment

Pretty freaking sweet day

Camden market

So when Joe and I were in London for Penn and Teller we had the Saturday day free to roam in London, before our late train return to Nottingham. So we went to the very popular Camden Markets and boy it was an amazing place.

If you don’t know Camden is basically a labyrinth of little market areas and specialty stores that seem to make never ending maze of food and t-shirt sellers. I would describe it as a middleclass white man’s idea a of a ethnic ghetto. That sounds kinda raunchy so I want to say I have no knowledge about the background of the market area. And what I mean is that the market is filled with gazillion different ethnic food shacks, street performers from break dancing grandpa to dice playing kids or whatever it was they did to all the way to the shirtless middle aged men who were blazing it.

In the end Camden is awesome and different from rest of London as it is not as touristy and there are no 5 pound cans of beer, the horror. No it was little less expensive than the touristy London, also had an awesome breakfast there pancakes and bacon. I still just don’t get the sweet n savory thing, but anyway. Camden is the place where all the social classes come to do whatever we were doing there. Chillin I suppose. So brilliant place and definitely recommend it to all my hippie readers (in case there is one) to check dat out. Peace and sweat or whatever the hippie culture stands for.


Sunshine and breakfast

Just cool store fronts

Sweet underground part of the market which was full on horse themed art