The one thing this blog has taught me: GOD I hate selfies

I really do. Sometimes I felt like such a douchebag when I was travellin and I had to resort to selfies. I know it’s the in thing and don’t worry its cool and hip blabla NO. It’s gay. nuff said

But yeah I thought to write one last blog closing everything up. It has been fun writing this blog. It’s a new thing for me, but I think really worked the way I wanted. To be able to document my feelings and activities while sharing my news to all my friends and family with the off chance of entertaining some of my other readers has been great.  I have thanked everybody pretty much expect my readers. There isn’t too many of you, but still it has been fun to see an average of visits being over 100 on all of my updates.

So thank you all and Adios Amigos.

Keep on trucking my good people


So yeah it’s over.

Ok so it ended a week ago. My training I mean. I am now back home in Oulu. Them story telling skills, but yeah last Thursday was my last day at work and on Friday I fly back home. Feels good I admit.

So I suppose I am going to write about how much fun the experience was and go all emotional with my thanks. I am going to do little of that. First all thou the time in the UK was great and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but still once I got back I realized that I was totally spent. Emotionally and otherwise I was just tired. So the first week was me chilling and enjoying laziness alone at my place, so that is why it took a while to write this update.

But honestly I want to thank everybody in Nottingham who helped me firstly to come over there to do my training so big thanks to the big boss Jason at Tower Health and Maria at ISPO who connected me with Tower Health and helped me with all the things to the Chamber of Commerce. Ever since I enrolled at my school here I planned that I want to go outside Finland as part of my studies and these lovely people made it possible so the biggest thanks goes out to you.

Also I want to thank the luvely people at Tower Health. All the folks were nice and welcoming and I didn’t face any prejudice from anybody.  Prejudice that’s a word right? We had some good nights out with the fellas with some fun craziness. Especially when we went out for my leaving party was plenty of fun. We went to see Nottingham Panthers play a finnish ice hockey team Lukko and that was plenty of fun. Fun note the first time I found finnish people in Nottingham was after that game. But back to the thanks at hand. So big thanks to all the people at Tower Health especially one last thanks to my Ecommerce team of Harry, Becky and the reliable average Joe.  

Last thanks go to my house mates. Even thou I love living on my own it was hilarious living with five other lads. Just as an example on my last week we had a long debate on are leprechauns real. All it takes is one of you to be irish and there you go. But the lads were a big relief as no one at work knew dick about football so the fact that they loved it as well was a big fat relied especially during the world cup, so hope that you lads see this and big fat gratitude to you guys.

That’s all for this time. Here are some pics from time in the UK as a sort of best of way. I will write one more post in a few days so until that one more thanks and keep on trucking.

Mid ride selfie

I made it

Chillin at the tire walls

During the Black Sabbath song it looked like the freaking forest was on fire


Leaving due madness. Me and my work bud Ed with Lorna (Joe's misses)

Back home and thanks for the Panther shirt boss

Best thing eeever, or at least close

Two days left. Boy soon it’s heading home time. Before I head back home to Oulu I wanted to write one last blog before I get all teary eyed mama’s boy cry fest. Towards the end everybody has been asking me what has been the best thing while I have been here. Of course everybody has been great I have made good friends and all that sentimental crap. All that is fun but still all the events and things I’ve been to weigh heavily in the cup. There was Silverstone, Sabbath, Arsenal, Wembley, Liverpool and many more. But there has been one thing that I have been to and actually haven’t written about it.


The Theatre in Londons

This is a thing I have been wanting to write about for a looooong time. This thing is honestly the thing that I knew I had to go to when I came here. That is The Book of Mormon. No not any religious stuff nooooooooo. This is a musical. It is created by the guys behind South Park, which is the only thing I count as my religion. It is a traditional musical about two Mormon missionaries that are paired out and shipped to Uganda Africa to spread their religion. And humor ensues. Sounds kinda tame, but no maaaaan is it diiirty. Probably the main theme of the musical is a song called Hasa diga eebowai. This in their context translates in to F*ck you God. That is just gold. I know it sounds just easy blasphemy, but it has a heart with a simple story and tooons of laughs. It’s not just a dick about the Mormon religion, but it handles all beliefs in all religions and smacks them right in the face. You can see I’m not devout, so if you don’t like it too bad my blog.  I am going to put up a few videos of a few not so raunchy songs as taste. Really hope some of you like it because it seriously it is soo fucking good.


I went to see it in London around Easter when I was there with my parents and they actually joined me which was pretty fun when they talk about raping an infant and to just see my mom’s face. Not only did I see it then, NO I had to see it again. So when I went to London for the England game at Wembley I went to see it on that trip as well and it was still funny as heeeelll. I tried to plan and see it a third time, but in the end I didn’t find the time on my other London trips

This was seriously the best thing I have ever seen. Or at least second right after South Park of course.


Ales in Wales

10 days left to go. Or not depending on what day I actually post this and when you reading this. So if you are reading this in the future well thanks, I hope hover boards are awesome. Buuuut back to the present or actually the not too distant past when I went to Wales. I went to the northern part of Wales especially area called Conwy. The main reason I went that way is because they have a nice castle there. Also I wanted to have a quiet last weekend to myself before this is over, but still I chose the place based on Google.

So I stayed in a place called Rhos on Sea, which is quite near Conwy itself. Most of the pictures are from there and from Llandudno which is a town around there which had a weird relation to the Alice in Wonderland thing, but I wasn’t in the mood for a history lesson. I only found a pub which had the black cat thing on the outside and their beer was good and called Mad Hat or something.

Smallest chapel in the UK in Rhos on Sea

So on Sunday I went to the castle. Boy it was a pretty place. I didn’t bother too much to read the history of the place but no one needs that. So check out the pics.

Work post: The new Sexual Health department

I haven’t written much about work in a long time. This is pretty much because it’s nothing too entertaining. This time I wanted to write and share our web stores new Sexual Health department. CAUTION I WILL MAKE DICK JOKES SO PLEASE WHEN READING EXERCISE CAUTION. The reason I share this from work is because for the last two months my things at work have mainly revolved around the new department, plus during those two months I have amassed a book full of dick jokes that I saw deserving of a mention.

This isn’t the easiest thing to write about as I don’t in anyway want to make Tower Health look bad. I think the new department is done well and in good taste even with many of the products being mainly adult material. My part in the building of the department was building the products on the website. This means I get all the images and descriptions from the supplier and combine them with determined prices, storage codes and search terms and aaaa lot more little things. So it sounds easy, but when there are about 200 products it takes a long time. Especially all the images and descriptions that come from suppliers are a source of hilarity. When we got all the images from the supplier they send all their images from their full product range, not just the ones we wanted. Boy they had some diiiirty stuff. I don’t have the images anymore, but swings and different dungeon sets and bangbots were plenty.  Also the descriptions were funny. I had to read through them and there were plenty of hilaaaarious descriptions.

Please do have a look at the Tower Health web site and especially the new department:


Main category page


Our flyer that goes out with our catalogue

So here are some examples from the descriptions and related jokes that came up during the making of the Sexual health department. And we all know things that are taken out of context are extremely funny.  



  • Designed for those who don’t like the taste of semen

    • -.- does someone actually prefer it?


  • If you would like to offer your partner a bigger penis

    • This just sounds wrong


  • These are ideal for engaging horse-fantasy roleplay and for humiliation

    • What tha hell is wrong with people? Seriously this thing starts a description of a product.


  • Frisky Inflatable Stimulator allows users to continually push their limits and can swell to gigantic proportions filling even the most adventurous of bottoms.

    • You gotta love an adventurous bottom